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An Evolving Cross

Hello Guys!!

My striping tape and I have reached the next stage of our relationship. . . .we're experimenting with more elaborate and detailed designs! It's going well :)

With this particular nail art, I wanted to start off with quite a simple design on the pinky finger which then evolved and developed into more complicated designs along my nails. I think I pulled it off, take a look;

I chose a cross design as I think it looks good both simple and elaborate. I started off with a base of Barry M 'Copper'. This polish is INSANE, so so glittery in the sunlight! And there's all sorts of colours in there that you wouldn't expect when first looking at it. Seriously, buy this, like now. Now! I then used Essie 'Good To Go' and then once that was completely dry, I placed the tape in different versions of a cross, ending with the most detailed on my thumb. Finally, I painted Barry M'Watermelon' over the top and removed the tape. For some reason my camera …

A Yellow Challenge. . .

Hello Hello!!

I have a rather confused relationship with yellow nail polish. As most of you have probably found out by now, the formula of yellow nail polishes can at best, be tricky and at worst, be impossible to work with!! So, in order to avoid the frustrated cursing and growling (yup, growling, probably too much exposure to grumpy cats. . . .), I tend to go for another colour! But then when I do wear yellow, I smile everytime I look at my nails- it's so happy and summery!!!

So, a while a go, I decided to challenge myself to do an all yellow manicure. It was pretty tricksy but not as bad as I thought it would be (only a few growls).

For the base, I used Kleancolor in 'Neon Yellow'. I found the best way to avoid the dreaded streaks was to layer the yellow over an opaque white polish (can't remember the exact one tho!). I then used a small brush to paint wavy lines with Kolor in 'Fairy'. At the time, those were the only yellows I had, so I had to use some gold…

Yellow Loves A Bit Of Grey Abstract. . . .

Hello People!!

How are you all on this fine spring day?!! The daffodiles and cherry blossom are finally out, yay!

One of my favourite things to do recently is to look online and in catalogues for interesting colour combinations. Homeware catalogues from Next and M&S are pretty good for unusual and modern palettes. It makes me think outside the box and is pretty fun too!! (Yes I'm a geek!)

One colour combo that stuck out at me was 'yellow, grey and white', it looks really chic and funky at the same time!

I got the general idea for this design somewhere on pinterest (not sure who exactly tho, sorry!) and immediately wanted to try it out! I used China Glaze 'Sunkissed' (yellow), China Glaze 'Pelican Gray' (grey) and Essie 'Blanc' (white). I am obsessed with the shimmer in 'Sunkissed' and 'Pelican Gray', so beautiful!! Pretty much every nail polish I've bought lately has been a shimmer, I think it may be becoming a problem. . . .…

Encounters Of The Triangular Kind

Good Afternoon People!!

Firstly, I'm sorry about the long gap between posts. My internet has been playing up so it's been tricky to get online!

Anyways, I just wanted to show you one of my favourite nail designs which I did a few weeks ago! I find geometric nail art to be the easiest so it's my go to design when I just want to do my nails quickly. Take a look;

This was pretty easy to do (with a small brush and a steady hand that is!) and I love the outcome! I used China Glaze 'Exotic Encounters' on all my fingers except my ring finger where I used Essie 'Sand Tropez'. Then just using a small detail brush, I painted randomly overlapping triangles in opposing colours (does that make sense??!).

I think it's pretty striking and I can't wait to try it out in different colours :). Ooooooh!! I'm gong to totally do a multicoloured summery version!! The possibilities are endless. . . . .

Thank you for reading!!


p.s. thank you so much for your …

Dipping A Toe Into The World Of Franken Polishes. . .


I love indie nail polishes. I love the creativity that has come pouring out into the polish world, so exciting! And let's face it, when it involves glitter, I'm totally on board!!

So, as it was my sister's birthday coming up, I decided to give it a go. I already paint and make jewellery so it's not too wacky an idea!!

My sister is into Disney songs big time, so I chose two of her favourites; Pocahontas 'Colours of the Wind' and Anastasia (I know it's not Disney but meh) 'Once upon a December'.

I used these two images for inspiration;

                                                  Anastasia 'Once upon a December'

                                                  Pocahontas 'Colours of the Wind'

I used gold, holographic silver, pearlescent white and light blue mixed glitter for the 'Anastasia' nail polish. For the 'Pocahontas' nail polish, I used aqua, bright pink, deep blue mixed glitter with a tiny bit of…