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Punica Granatum

Evening Everyone!

This Autumn, I've noticed the increased popularity of everything pomegranate related and I must say, I'm loving it!! They just have such a cool vibe about them: the rich colours, jewel like seeds and of course a built in crown! What's not to like?!

For my pomegranate themed manicure, I started with Rimmel 'Euphoria' (non-accent nails) and Barry M 'Pomegranate' on my two accent nails. I then added Hay Girl 'Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows' on the accents. Isn't this glitter just so appropriate right now??

I painted the basic fruit shapes using a small detail brush and Barry M 'Lychee'. I then added in the main colours with Barry M 'Pomegranate'(dark pink) and Zoya 'Blaze'(berry pink with holo glitter).

Using the same detail brush, I started to add in shape and definition using the following nail polishes; Revlon 'Spidey Sense' (shimmery red orange duochrome), Barry M 'Passion Fruit' (orangey …

Fall Into Autumn

Hey You Guys!

One of the main things that I (and most people) love about this time of year is the amazing colour of the foliage. There's just something about cascading golden leaves against a steel grey sky that's just mesmerizing :) I often find myself staring out the window, taking it all in.

So, this weekend I decided to create a manicure inspired by this natural beauty. Take a looksie;

I wanted to include all of the stunning hues of autumn so I decided to paint a more graphic take on 'falling leaves'. I started with a couple of coats of Champneys 'Ruby' which is a lovely metallic ruby (duh) red: perfect for Christmas manicures! Too soon?!

On my non-accent nails, I painted a basic leaf pattern inspired by the work of Eloise Renouf, they're really interesting and unique prints.

Using my thinnest striping brush and various nail polishes, I painted on the small leaf shapes. The nail polishes that I used were; China Glaze 'Dress Me Up' (pinkish nude)…


Evening Everyone!

I am fully immersing myself in Autumnal activities and absolutely loving it!! Although I have discovered that most of it involves food and drink in some form or another....chai tea, caramel chocolate, giant marshmallows and ripe plums to name a few!

I'm not even sorry.

I used a Liberty Art Fabrics print as my inspiration as it was pretty close to what I had in mind. I found the white background a bit too stark though so I used Essie 'Sand Tropez' on my (non-accent) nails instead! I think it warms up the whole pattern :)

On my accent nails, I used Rimmel 'Total Eclipse' from their Space Dust collection. Now, my camera completely freaked out at this colour! It's a textured polish made up of turquoise shimmer in a blackened base. In person, the shimmer causes the polish to appear dark green/teal in colour not black like my photos are showing!

Using my smallest detail brush, I painted on basic berries using the following polishes; Barry M 'Pea…

Inspiration: Autumn Bounty

Hey You Guys!!

As the temperatures have dropped, I've found myself getting more into the mood for all things Autumn! This week has included making sloe gin from scratch and picking blackberries for a pear and blackberry crumble :) Simply delicious.

 Aren't those colours just gorgeous?!! I cannot wait to get them on my nails:- look out for some Autumnal inspired manicures coming your way :) So exciting.

Thanks for reading/looking!

Kayleigh :)

P.S. All images are from Pinterest and are not my own.


Hello Hello!!

Tonight's manicure is based on a lovely floral print I found on Pinterest (I think it's by Emily Isabella?). It's not something I would usually go for as it has quite a bitty feel to it but there's just something about it that caught my eye! I decided to change it up a bit with a slightly different colour palette and composition (I didn't want the blue flowers to be quite so dominant).

I started with a base of Barry M 'Coconut', a lovely base for nail art which is a bit paler than OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff'. The formula is not the best, as it doesn't self level that well but a decent topcoat sorts that out! I just love the colour :)

With my detail brush and Champneys 'Mocha' (pink brown), I painted on some scribbles here and there on each nail. I then added to these with a few dabs of Revlon 'Blue Lagoon' (pale blue).

For the flowers, I used my detail brush to dab on loose petals in Essie 'Coat Azure' (blue) f…