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The Ripple Effect

Evening Everyone!!

Recently, marble patterns have become very popular; much to my delight!! As a geologist geek, anything rock related floats my boat! However, there is no way I'm going to even attempt a water marble so I decided to paint a marble-like pattern by hand......

Which surprisingly turned out quite well! Very time-consuming but not as difficult as I had originally thought :)

I started with a few coats of Revlon 'Aquamarine' from their Chroma Chameleon collection. It's a lovely delicate duochrome that changes from aqua, periwinkle blue, purplish magenta through to a deep royal purple/indigo.

For the actual marble effect, I used a few different pictures of marbled paper as a reference. I used my thinnest striping brush and Essie 'Trophy Wife'(shimmery teal) to add in some subtle waves/lines. Once I'd got this first detail on, it was just a case of adding in corresponding lines using various nail polishes.

The main nail polishes I used were; Barry M…

Into The Sea

Good Evening!!

Well I finally figured out why my nail art photos had come out looking so terrible lately....basically me being an idiot!! Ha! While on holiday, I'd been messing around with some of the settings and had completely forgotten to change them back. Doh!

I just adored the mauve pinks and turquoise blues from my previous Inspiration post so much that I decided a glitter gradient would show them off at their best. :)

I started off with a few perfect coats of Zoya 'Addison' which is a stunning mauve pink/brown. I love it! The Zoya nail polish formula is always amazing and never fails me :)

On my pinkie and pointer nails, I used a dabbed coat of Hay Girl 'Soulless' (from the TaterRoundsBeauty shop on Etsy), an iridescent glitter topper. On the rest of my nails, I used a thin coat of a fine rose pink Xplode glitter nail polish over 'Addison'.

Once the layers were completely dry, I got to work on my gradient! I used Orly 'Go Deeper' for this as …

Inspiration: Endless Summer

Hello Everyone!

As much as I love Autumn, there's a part of me that's still hanging on to Summer; especially the gorgeous hues of sun and sea :)

Like A Diamond

Hey There!!

Much to my disappointment, as much as I loved my holiday abroad, my nails definitely did not!! Kinda my fault though as I just completely forgot to keep on top of my nail care... Woops! So please excuse the state of my nails :)

On top of all that, my photos came out quite weird and just a bit meh! Fantasticals.

Anyway, I based this nail art on this really striking paintingon Pinterest. I changed up the colour palette a bit, replacing the darker colours with brighter, more tropical tones.

I started with OPI 'No Room For The Blues' on most of my nails except my accent nails. On these, I used 17 'Orange Soda', followed by W7 'Orange Dazzle'.

Over OPI 'No Room For The Blues', I created a marbled effect by mixing Essie 'Blanc' with Nail Polish Thinner and using a small flat brush to smoosh (very technical) it on until I achieved the desired effect. Then, using a small detail brush and 17 'Orange Soda',I painted in rough diamond li…

Colour Me Happy

Hello To You All!!

I've been spending the last couple of weeks staying with a few very special people! I hadn't planned on not posting here but it just kinda ended up that way! Ooops, sorry!! It was so lovely to just completely relax, eat loads of good food and spend time with two of my favorite people :)

Anyway, onto the nail art!! While packing for my holiday to the south of France (eeeeek!!), I was inspired by the layering of bright, tropical clothng :)

First, I painted all my nails with, Zoya 'Tracie' a beautiful light apple green with a gorgeous silver shimmer. Gah, I just adore Zoya nail polishes!!

Then, using the nail polish brush, I painted on thick stripes and diagonals in a variety of colours. for this, I used the following nail polishes; Revlon Parfumerie 'African Tea Rose' (fuchsia pink), Zoya 'Zuza' (shimmery turquoise), Revlon 'Zealous' (lemon yellow), Barry M 'Grapefruit'(coral) and OPI 'Dining Al Frisco'(metallic …