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Scuppered Chances

Hello There!!

Today I have one of my most recent additions to my beloved Butter London collection to show you!! Butter London 'Scuppered' is a very special kind of nail polish; at first glance it is simply an old gold/bronze glass fleck. However, on closer inspection there are small green hex glitters and a absolutely beautiful pink shimmer. Magical stuff.

As I loved 'Scuppered' so much, I didn't want to cover it up too much with nail art. So I went with geometric lines and chevrons in tropical colours to add a Summery feel to the manicure!

I started with an accent nail in 17 (now Seventeen) 'Grapefruit' and painted the rest of my nails in Butter London 'Scuppered'. On my accent nail, I painted chevrons in 'Scuppered' using my small striping brush. Love these two colours together!

Still using my small striping brush, I painted lines, chevrons and swirls on the rest of my nails. The nail polishes I used for this were: Barry M 'Guava'

Sangria Moments

Evening Everyone!

I loved painting my own version of an Erin Cooper abstract masterpiece so much that I decided to paint another one! This time I went for one with a Summery feel to it: 'Sangria'! I especially love this piece as it totally reminds me of a hot Summer night sat outside, drinking glasses of Sangria with friends, laughing and chatting. Such a lovely atmosphere to the whole painting :)

This painting is pretty detailed so I've done more of a representation rather than an exact copy! I started with Maybelline Brocades 'Rosy Rosettes' on my accent nails (pointer and pinkie). This is such an amazingly sparkly nail polish and it practically applies  itself! On the rest of my nails I used Revlon Parfumerie 'African Tea Rose', a bright hot pink.

I used a mighty load of polishes for this nail art so I'll break it down into sections! I started with the background which is mostly made up of pinkish colours applied in a painterly effect;

I blocked in t…

Shredded Geometry

Hey Hey Hey!

I think it's clear to most of you by now that I absolutely looove Pinterest and use it for pretty much all of my nail art inspiration! Sometimes it's a literal translation of a great pattern or painting. Other times it's an unusual colour palette and the overall atmosphere of a certain image that draws me in. Today's manicure involves the latter with a mostly neutral palette, shot through with zingy colour!

I started this manicure with an accent nail of Zoya 'Zuza' on my ring finger. Over that, I layered a couple of coats of Barry M 'Sour Apple'. When these bar glitters started appearing, I absolutely hated them! Gradually they've wormed their way into my heart and now I want all of the colours!! Damn it.

On the rest of my nails, I used China Glaze 'Dress Me Up' (light brown on my pinkie and pointer) and OPI 'My Very First Knockwurst' (pink beige on my thumb and middle). Then, keeping these nail polish colours and with m…

My Spanish Rose

Hello There!

It seems my wish for some warmer weather came true, hooray!! This weekend has been especially beautiful and it's finally feeling like Summer :) Therefore it's time for another bright and happy manicure!

For today's nail art, I was inspired by an awesome slim Iphone 5 case by Rifle Paper Co. entitled 'Spanish Rose'. So cool.

On my pointer and pinkie nails, I used 17 (now Seventeen) 'Orange Soda' which is actually a bright light orange but my camera just freaked! On the rest of my nails, I used Barry M 'Guava' which is a tad more green than my photos show. My camera was obviously just not with it!

Using my small detail brush, I first painted the flowers in Zoya 'Rory' (shimmery pink), Barry M 'Rose Hip'(pastel pink) and 17 'Orange Soda' (light orange). I then added petal details using Essie 'The Girls Are Out' (raspberry pink) and Barry M 'Peach Melba' (pale peach).

With the same brush I painted in…

Blind Me

Good Evening!

Get ready for some super bright, Summery nail art! This manicure was inspired by a great piece of striped fabric which I found on Pinterest. I had to simplify the image a bit for my manicure- some of the stripes are very thin! I also changed up the colour palette a bit and only used the main colours.

As I used neon and bright nail polishes in this manicure, I first painted all my nails with Essie 'Blanc'. This is an excellent white nail polish, opaque in just two coats! I'm going to need a replacement bottle soon :)

On my accent nails (pointer and pinkie) I painted on a couple of coats of China Glaze 'I'm With The Lifeguard', a super bright neon green. Over that I added Glimmer By Erica 'Squared Away' which is made up of different sized neon square glitters. The addition of small holographic turquoise hex glitter really sets it apart from other neon glitter toppers!

On the rest of my nails, I used a medium striper (for thicker stripes) an…