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Grande Baroque

Hey There!

Today's nail art features a very special Color Club nail polish; 'Cherubic'. It's a beige holographic and it's absolutely stunning, so very elegant. I decided on a manicure featuring a baroque print and an accent glitter polish. Take a looksy :)

Just because Color Club 'Cherubic' is SO beautiful, I had to put it on all of my nails, ha ha!! I can't believe how strong the holographic particles are in this, very dangerous while I'm trying to walk or you know, do anything...
Of course I still had to include glitter accent nails (pointer and pinkie nails) but I used a sheer nail polish so that all the holo goodness would still shine through! I decided to use Orly 'Go Deeper' :)

I used a striping brush and Barry M 'Watermelon' to paint parts of a large baroque print on the rest of my nails. It was pretty straight forward, I first drew a simplified version of the original on a piece of paper and then copied that.

I used a thick c…

Winter Games

A Good Evening To You All!!

This week I had to take an unplanned blog break as my body seems to pick up every cold within a 10 mile radius!! At least it meant that I got to watch an absolute tonne of the Sochi Winter Olympics :) The GB team did so well this year, I'm very proud to be British!!

Once I was feeling slightly human again, I felt the need to do some Team GB inspired nail art!! I started my manicure with Butter London 'Big Smoke' on all of my nails. Love love this nail polish.
On my pinkie and middle nails, I used a couple of coats of Barry M 'Jewel Britannia' which was released for the British Summer Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee! Unfortunately it's not available anymore as it was a Limited Edition but a lot if indie nail polishes are very similar :)

On my thumb and ring nails I decided to paint parts of the Union Jack. I started with Essie 'Blanc' and painted on the white lines with a striping brush. I then used Essie 'Snap Happy'

Our Bonfire Hearts

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

"People like us—we don’t
Need that much, just some-
One that starts,
Starts the spark in our bonfire hearts"

My Valentine inspired manicure is a bit different from your usual pink and red themed nail art! I've totally fallen in love with James Blunt's'Bonfire Heart' and thought it would be the perfect imagery for today :) Especially as it means I don't have to go too girly!!

I painted three nails (pointer, ring and pinkie) in China Glaze 'Electrify' and two nails (thumb and middle) in Essie 'Sand Tropez'. To add in some warmer tones, I painted on OPI 'Glints Of Glinda' over 'Sand Tropez'.

Over 'Electrify', I painted some small hearts with Revlon 'Iconic' using a dotting tool and a thin brush. It's pretty easy doing it this way, I just dotted two dots next to each other before joining them up at the bottom in a point. Easy peasy!!
On my middle and thumb nails, I painted larg…

Opposites Attract

Hello. Hello!!

Today's nail art features a bit of a mixed bag: stripes and loose florals! Every now and then I feel the urge to get some juxtaposition going on, wearing dainty lace with a checked, studded shirt or eating chips dipped in chocolate sauce (so very good!!) :)

As a side note, I'm currently changing up the way I photograph my nails so please bear with me while I play around with it and figure the whole thing out! Ha ha!

I began this manicure by painting all my nails with the absolute beauty that is Essie 'Demure Vixen'. Wow, what a stunner. It looks average while in the bottle but once it's on your nails, there are fireworks. Really.

Using my thin striping brush, I painted stripes here and there on each nail using Revlon 'Zealous'and Barry M 'Aqua Glitter'. I changed up the thickness of the stripes to add some interest!

I painted on rough, loosed flowers using Rimmel 'Peppermint' and a small flat brush. You could also use the nai…

Tribal Confetti

A Good Evening To You All!!

The weather this week has been cold, wet and very windy-bleurgh! So today I've been in need of a colourful pick-me-up, not to mention a big cup of tea :) A bright manicure with fun tribal accents was the result;

For a while now I've been noticing a lot of nail artists pairing bright pink with black and white glitter. It's such a striking look, I couldn't resist having a go myself! I used Rimmel 'Strawberry Fizz' for my bright pink. Unfortunately the formula of this nail polish leaves a lot to be desired-it's streaky and much to thick.
I then used L'Oreal 'Confettis' which is by far the best black and white glitter topcoat that I've come across! It's got a slight silver shimmer to it which makes it a bit different from other black and white glitters.

I decided to add some tribal accents here and there to add interest but not so much as to obscure the pink/glitter combo. I used a combination of dotting tools, sm…

Indigo Diamonds

Hey There People!!

Isn't it strange how sometimes the simplest of manicures can also be the best?? Well that's what happened with today's nail art!! I sat down with the idea to paint something easy and relatively quick (lazy Sunday!) while using two specific nail polishes. I can not get over how well it turned out- ha ha!

Navy is by far my favourite colour, I would quite happily wear it head to toe! Today I had a bit of a hankering for navy nails so I used Barry M 'Navy'on all my nails. The shimmer in this nail polish just takes it to the next level, it's so deep looking! I loooooooooove it.

On my ring nail, I decided on a glitter accent nail (told you I was obsessed!) with Models Own 'Ibiza Mix'. The colours in this are so unusual for a multi-coloured glitter topcoat; turquoise, lavender, pale gold and a pale bronze/ orange.
For the rest of my nails I painted diamond shapes (made up of staggered lines) using a small thin striping brush and four differ…