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Inspiration: Stark Winter

Hey There!!

While I'm still finding inspiration in snowy woodland scenes, the rapidly decreasing temperatures have me leaning towards the starker, icier and more frigid forested landscapes. Brrrr.

These definitely reflect the freezing cold weather at the moment!! The colour palette is quite a bit different than what I usually go for so I'm looking forward to trying out some nail art!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh  :)

Mistletoe Forest

Evening To You All!!

Tonight's manicure is actually inspired by a Christmas card but it was generic enough to fit in well at this time of year too! I really liked the simplicity of the limited colour palette and the elegant tendrils of Winter foliage. :)

I first painted all my nails with Barry M 'Forest' which is a beautiful teal green from their Silk collection. Once again, my camera had a bit of trouble with this colour as it is very changeable. In white light it leans blue but in yellow light it appears more green!

Using my thinnest striping brush and Essie 'Blanc', I painted in the stems and larger leaves on each nail before adding in the smaller leaves with a tiny detail brush. On my index and middle nails, I painted some mistletoe but on my other nails I stuck to a more general leaf shape.

Over the white pattern, I added Barry M 'Lady'which is a pearly, glittery white textured polish. It adds a pretty frosted look to the whole manicure, adding to the …

Branch Out

Hello Everybody!!

One of my favourite themes for nail art is Nature, in particular anything involving plants; flowers, trees, leaves and fruit to name a few. So for my next manicure, I decided to paint some pine branches featuring both needles and pine cones!

I decided to use Essie 'Sable Collar' on my non-accent nails which is just such a lovely velvety brown. :) On my accent nails (index and pinkie), I used Zoya 'Vespa'to add a frosted evergreen element to the manicure.

I based my design off of this beautiful pattern which I found on Pinterest. I changed the colour scheme to better suit what I had in mind; mostly dark greens and pink toned browns.

To start, I used my striping brush and Butter London 'All Hail The Queen', to paint on the branches with loose, horizontal strokes.

For the pine needles, I used my small detail brush to paint on thin strokes in different tones of green. I started with a mix of Essie 'Blanc'and OPI 'Jade Is The New Black&…

Auld Lang Syne

Hello Hello!!

Today, I have my manicure from New Year's Eve to show you! One thing that most people can agree on about this annual celebration is that it should involve GLITTER.....

I first painted all my nails with Barry M 'Watermelon' which is a lovely dark green. However, my camera decided it was actually a dark blue so I had to twinge the colours on Photoshop. :( Hence the weird colour of my skin....

I decided to create a majorly sparkly glitter gradient, starting with Maybelline Color Show 'Top Splatter'from the Acid Wash Effects collection. This white hex glitter is so easy to use and I was able to dab it on exactly where I wanted it. Yay!

Then I added on a layer of L.A. Girl 'Splash' which contains white and pearlescent mint hex glitters in a clear base. It's quite thick so I wiped off most of the excess and then collected the glitter from the inside of the neck.

For that final hit of sparkle, I used Orly 'Holy Holo' from the cuticles all…

Inspiration: Frosted Evergreen

Hey People!!

After the fun and chaos of Christmas and New Year have passed, I like to delve into thoughts of the peace and tranquility of a true Winter. Blankets of snow, twinkling ice and the quiet of an evergreen forest clearing. Bliss.

These images also inspired my New Year's Eve manicure so I've got that to show you too. Better late than never!!
Thanks for reading!
Kayleigh :)

That Nordic Style

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I've gotten a bit behind on my posts due to a slight nail mishap... During the frivolities of Christmas Day, I broke the nail on my index finger quite badly and then had to wait for it to grow a bit before I could continue with my Christmas nail art. The perils of being a nail art blogger!! Ha ha!!

I started the manicure off with China Glaze 'Watermelon Rind' on my non-accent nails and Orly 'Nite Owl' on my accent nails (thumb and ring).

Over 'Watermelon Rind', I painted on a coat of L.A. Girl 'Speckle' which instantly turned the whole manicure totally Christmassy!

On my accent nails, I decided to paint some detailed Nordic style patterns. I started by painting two fat horizontal stripes on each accent nail with Essie 'Sand Tropez' (pale nude), Barry M 'Bright Red', (red crelly), Essie 'Blanc' (white) and OPI 'Jade Is The New Black' (dark green).

I then used a thin striping brush and added in…