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Pink Princess

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted; time just seems to fly by without me noticing. One minute it was the last day of May and the next it's nearly the end of June?!

Anyway, lets get to the nail art :) One of my favourite colours to pair with blush pink is pale gold. It's just such an elegant and chic colour combination! In order to showcase these two colours at their best, I decided to pair a special nail polish with embellished lace accent nails;

I started the manicure by painting most of my nails (pointer, middle and pinkie) with Barry M 'Princess', a beautiful pink textured nail polish with small silver glitter and tiny gold flakes. It's so sparkly, photos just don't do this polish justice!

On my accent nails (thumb and ring), I painted a couple of coats of Champneys 'Nude' (sheer pale nude), followed by a coat of OPI 'I Theodora You' (sheer pale pink). I wanted a delicate feel to the manicure so the…