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Boho Waves

Hello Lovely People!!

Sorry about the mahussive gap between posts, I was away visiting the land of no internet. So, alas I was unable to do any blog stuff :( But I'm back now and will have plenty of pretty nails to show you this week!!

I've just bought a great haul of nail art stripers and couldn't wait to try them out! I got them from Amazon, which is such a good place for nail art supplies. No, really!!

I didn't want the base colour to be too bright or dark as the stipers are pretty strongly coloured, so I used Orly 'Boho Bonnet'. I love the actual colour of this nail polish (duh, it's blue!!) but the formulae is so baaaaaaaaaad. It upsets me greatly.

Anywho, I then used my new Accurate nail art stripers in a frosty pink and a bright metallic blue (they don't have names) and a Sparkly Nails nail art striper in blue (again, no name) to paint random waves and curves on each nail. I then used NPW Nail Art pens in dark blue and dark purple from the '…

The Ladybird Factor

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!

We seem to have bypassed Spring (or maybe it's meant to last one week?) and headed straight for Summer. But I'm not complaining, everything is blossoming and blooming!!

One of my favourite insects (yes, I have favourite insects) is the ladybird, they're such useful little tough guys! So in honour of these beautiful bugs, I've created some nail art;

I started with Barry M 'Spring Green' on my thumb, pointer and middle fingers and Barry M 'Mint Green' on the ring and pinkie fingers- got to have some accent nails! 'Spring Green' is actually much brighter in real life, I have no idea why my camera decided it wasn't, random. Then, using a striper brush, I painted on the leaf veins in China Glaze 'Watermelon Rind' (on thumb, pointer and middle) and Barry M 'Spring Green' (ring and pinkie). I also went over the vein detail on my ring and pinkie fingers with Sinful Colors 'Call You Later'. I create…

Mooning Around In Lace

Good Evening People!!

I finally managed to get hold of some paper hole-reinforcers, so obviously I just had to create a half-moon manicure! I've seen loads of lace doily half-moon nail art around the internet and thought they looked so pretty and delicate :) I decided to just get on down and have a go!

I started off with a base of 17 'Mint Choc Chip' (the name confused me too, it's blue??) and then added a coat of Essie 'Good To Go' to seal it. I found that the hole-reinforcers are much more sticky than striping tape so I stuck each piece on the back of my hand first before placing it on my nail. Once the hole-reinforcer was in place, I then added a coat of Barry M 'Blackberry' and immediately removed the sticker.

I wasn't really sure how to go about the actual lace bit so it was a bit of a learning curve! I started with a small dotting tool and 'Mint Choc Chip' to make a row of dots along the curved edge of each half-moon. I then did 2 dif…

The Spring Effect

Hello Nail Art Lovers!!

As Sprng has finally showed it's blossomy face, I've created some nail art to celebrate!! What shouts 'Spring Is Back!' like nothing else?? YELLOW FLOWERS is what!! I feel that yellow is very much a Spring colour, don't you think?!

Firstly, check out that base colour, isn't it just beautiful?! It's one of the Barry M Gellys in 'Blueberry' and it's goooooooooorgeous! Blue is by far my favourite colour so I'm pretty much drowning in blue nail polishes but I still don't have anything like this one!! It's magical. No, really.

So, starting with 'Blueberry' on all my nails, I then added a sweep of Sinful Colors 'Call You Later', along the edges of my nails in random places. Then, using a small brush, I painted on various sized flowers in 17 'Sherbet Lemon' along the sweeps of glitter. When that was dry, I went back in with Revlon 'Zealous' and 17 'Orange Soda' and added the de…

Burnished Gold

Good Evening People!!

A while back, I got some new nail art stripers :). I have a bit of a thing with stripers, every time I see a new set, I get an urge to buy them. I don't know why, I don't even use them that much!! Maybe it's the cute dinkyness?!

Anyway, I decided a bit of practice was in order if I'm to get more use out of them (rather than just sitting and staring at their cuteness for a while). I'd like to be able to paint better stripes for sure, mine are never straight enough for my liking!!

So here's the result, it's not at all perfect but it's only practice right??

I started off with a neutral base of Essie 'Sand Tropez', I adore gold paired with nude-so so pretty!! Then it was time to get to work with the stripers! The two stripers I used are both by Technic (I think they might have been bought off E-bay?). First, I used the gold (they don't have any names) to paint random thick and thin stripes on each nail. Originally, I was j…

Spots Of Rust

Hello Everybody!!

This particluar manicure that I'm going to show you, is one that I'm often asked to do for other people. It's pretty easy to do, looks stunning and you can do it in any colour combo (this seems to be an important requirement for me . . .random!) !! I've even done a christmas version :)

Lets face it , metallics always look good!! I started off with a coat of  Barry M 'Silver Foil'. This is truly a great silver, it's opaque and actually looks like silver rather than shimmery grey! Then, using a large dotting tool (you can also use the wrong end of a paintbrush or slim pencil) and Kolor 'Russet', I placed random dots in a rough curve along the free end of each nail. I then used a small dotting tool (you can also use a bobby pin) to add smaller dots in Kolor 'Russet' and Revlon 'Scarlet Letter' among the larger dots and a few in the centre of some. Finally a coat of Essie 'Good To Go' to finish it all off!