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Raspberry Mojito

Evening All!

My favourite colour combination is green and pink in any shape or form. I manage to sneak it into every aspect of my life whether I want to or not!! My room is decorated in pale jade and pink-brown, most of my clothes are mint, jade, musk pink or rose and even this blog is bright pink and jade!! I just can't help myself- it's gotten pretty bad. So it's only natural to bring that obsession into my nail art!

I started with a couple of coats of Barry M 'Mint Green' (on my pointer, middle and pinkie nails) which is by far my most used polish, a third of it is already gone!! On my thumb and ring nails, I used Revlon 'Girly' for my compulsory accent nails. I painted all my nails with Barry M 'Topcoat & Basecoat'to get them tape ready! I used striping tape and label stickers (cut into strips) to make horizontal stripes over the 'Mint Green'. Finally, I painted another coat of topcoat.

'Girly' is such a beautiful nail polish…

War And Peace

Good Evening To You All!!

Tonight, I have another way of accentuating a special or glitter nail polish which is too pretty to cover up with the usual nail art! This time I wanted a bit more detail in my manicure than just the usual simple stuff I add to a glitter nail polish manicure.

The beautiful white and silver glitter nail polish is Orly 'Peaceful Opposition'. The only problem with it is its sheerness, I had to use at least four coats of the stuff and my nail line was still visible. In this case, the nail art covered most of it up but next time I think I'll layer it over a soft white to get it more opaque. As 'Peaceful Opposition' has such a serene feel to it, I wanted to create a strong contrast. I chose to use a bold, strong colour; Barry M 'Bright Red' to create stylised flames up the side of each nail with a striping brush. I then outlined them using a coppery orange NPW Nail Art Jewel Pen. Finally, I added a thick coat of Essie 'Good To Go'…

Unicorn Dreams

Hey Everyone!!

Today, I'd like to show you a franken glitter polish I made a while ago. It started off as just an experiment, to see what worked and what didn't but I rather liked the outcome!!

 In Shade
I started making this nail polish with a combination of Rimmel topcoat (can't remember which one) and La Femme 'Silver' glitter. I added mostly lilac, silver, holographic and some light blue micro glitter to this mixture. Then, I added a mix of silver hex glitter, lilac large round glitter, holographic bars, lilac and silver stars, diamonds, moons and square glitters! The shaped glitter is quite sparse so I might add a bit more at some point. Some of the colour leached from the lilac round glitters, giving the base a lovely purple tint. For some reason, this glitter reminded me of unicorns so I named it 'Unicorn Dreams'!!

 In Daylight
I chose a dark colour to layer this glitter over in order to show off the pale colours. I used Barry M 'Watermelon'

Completely Dotty

Evening All!!

So, after just saying that I would try to get back to more regular posting, I promptly forgot to do the next one! Woops. Stupid brain!! Better late than never though, yeah??

This nail art is pretty simple but striking too! I started with a few different nudes; OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff' (thumb), OPI 'Glints Of Glinda' (pointer and pinkie), Essie 'Sand Tropez' (middle) and Barry M 'Lychee' (ring). They're actually more different from each other than it appears in the photos, in a subtle way that is!! I then got out some neon and bright nail polishes and went to town with a few different sized dotting tools!! It was actually rather fun and a very relaxed form of nail art!! The polishes I used are; China Glaze 'Sunkissed' (neon yellow), Kleancolor 'Neon Pink', China Glaze 'Dandy Lyin' Around' (shimmery white), China Glaze 'Flying Dragon' (matte purple), Zoya Pixie Dust 'Nyx' (silvery blue) and Saf…

In The Tropics

Hey You Guys!

Firstly, sorry about the very intermittent posts, I've been ill for the last couple of weeks and unable to paint my nails- catastrophe! :( I'm doing better now though, so I will try to get back to more regular posting!! Here's some nice bright, cheerful nail art for you;

I started with Revlon 'Zealous' on my middle, ring and thumb nails and Barry M 'Key Lime' on my pinkie and pointer nails. The 'Key Lime' is much brighter in person than the photo looks! I then used Essie 'Blanc' to paint basic leaf shapes over 'Zealous' in different sizes. Then, using Zoya 'Rory' (pink), Barry M 'Cyan' (blue) and Barry M 'Key Lime' (green), I filled in some of the leaf shapes and outlined others. On my two accent nails, I used some loose glitter from the Born Pretty Store. I'd originally bought these to make my own glitter nail polishes but they're so sheer the colour leeches out-boo! They're really e…

A New Found Friend

Evening All!!

A few weeks ago, my best friend came to stay with me for a bit. We're both pretty creative so we decided to have a go at decorating mugs with sharpie pens! It worked an absolute treat and got me thinking about where else I could use these babies....... Yep, you know what's coming- sharpie nail art!

I began this little experiment with a few coats of China Glaze 'Dandy Lyin Around'. This is yet another beauty of a polish! I can't stand chalky white nail polish but this is a lovely shimmery soft white. As it's slightly translucent, the pink of the nail gives the white a lovely pearly glow- beautiful! As I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to top coat after I'd used the pens, I did it at this point with OPI 'RapiDry TopCoat'. Once this was completely dry, I got to work with my sharpie pens! I used bright pink, red, orange, yellow, lime green, green, turquoise, blue, indigo and purple. I wanted to do wavy shapes made up with teeny das…