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War And Peace

Good Evening To You All!!

Tonight, I have another way of accentuating a special or glitter nail polish which is too pretty to cover up with the usual nail art! This time I wanted a bit more detail in my manicure than just the usual simple stuff I add to a glitter nail polish manicure.

The beautiful white and silver glitter nail polish is Orly 'Peaceful Opposition'. The only problem with it is its sheerness, I had to use at least four coats of the stuff and my nail line was still visible. In this case, the nail art covered most of it up but next time I think I'll layer it over a soft white to get it more opaque. As 'Peaceful Opposition' has such a serene feel to it, I wanted to create a strong contrast. I chose to use a bold, strong colour; Barry M 'Bright Red' to create stylised flames up the side of each nail with a striping brush. I then outlined them using a coppery orange NPW Nail Art Jewel Pen. Finally, I added a thick coat of Essie 'Good To Go'. Ta-dahhh!

This manicure didn't quite turn out how I'd imagined it in my head. I initially tried to make triangles look more like actual flames but it didn't turn out too well. That's what that weird shape is supposed to be on my pinkie nail!!

Despite these not turning out how I wanted, I still rather like them. They're quite bold and a bit different from my usual nail art- it's always good to step outside the box! I'm planning to go further out of my comfort zone in the future with some themed nail art. Watch this space!!

Thanks for reading :)




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