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In The Mountains

Hey There People!

Today I have some nail art inspired by a fantastic geometric print by Tabo Garcia. I really like Garcia's prints, especially the nature inspired ones! I added a blue sky to my interpretation and altered the composition slightly to fit better across my nails.

I started with a few coats of OPI 'Dining Al Frisco' which is a beautiful pearlescent sky blue. Although this nail polish has some duskiness to it, it's actually quite bright once it's on the nails! My camera freaked out at this combination so my photos are showing it quite a bit brighter than it actually is.

Using a thin striping brush, I started to paint in the 'mountains' which are basically just triangles! I decided to start with the grey toned mountains on my thumb, moving through to the browns on the middle nails and finishing with the green tree-covered mountains on my pinkie nail.

I used OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem' (blue-grey with silver shimmer) and China Glaze '…

Inspiration: Graphic Nature

Good Afternoon!!

As the weather gets warmer and the countryside comes alive, I've been drawn to slightly brighter hues but still in keeping with nature's colours; soft browns and slate greys, bright sprouting greens, marine teals and sky blues.

When I came across these geometric interpretations of nature, I couldn't wait to use them in some sort of creative way. The colours and shapes are so dynamic together; absolutely gorgeous. I need a few of these prints for my bedroom! In the meantime I'll have to make do with having something similar on my nails :)

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)


Hello There!

How lovely is the weather today?!! In the UK anyway :) After weeks of waiting for Spring to appear, it seems to have happened overnight! Daffodils, primroses and tulips are blooming and everywhere you look, there's a green shoot popping up. Makes me so happy!

To begin this manicure, I used China Glaze 'Keep Calm, Paint On' on all my nails. This nail polish is a lovely shimmery light mint colour but has an awful formula! Even after re-applying this polish a few times, it still became a bubbling mess. Luckily a couple of coats of matte nail polish sorted this out :)

For my background, I wanted a watercolour effect so I used nail polishes thinned down with Orly nail polish thinner. Then I used a soft brush to apply the polish randomly on each nail. I used the following nail polishes; Zoya 'Gemma' (olive green with slight blue shimmer), Orly Coachella Dweller' (light apple green), Barry M 'Key Lime' (lime green) and a touch of Revlon 'Zealo…