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The Florist

Good Afternoon!

I'll be honest with you, today's manicure is not one of my best. Some things just don't translate well onto teeny weeny canvases! I was going for a kind of floral flat lay but it ended up getting overcrowded and messy looking. I'm posting it here anyway as there are some aspects that I really like :)

For the base of the manicure, I wanted a soft but bright white so I used China Glaze 'Dandy Lyin' Around' on all my nails. This is a beautiful, delicate nail polish but has a pretty problematic formula. It took over 4 coats to become opaque and had major bubbling :(

Once that was completely dry, I used a thin striping brush to paint in the flower stems and leaves on my non-accent nails. For this, I used the following greens; Barry M 'Key Lime' (lime green), Barry M 'Spring Green' (grass green) and China Glaze 'Highlight Of My Summer' (pastel neon green).

On my accent nails, I used KBShimmer 'Happily Ever Aster' wh…

Inspiration: Blooming Spring

Good Afternoon!
In my last post, I mentioned how much I enjoy a floral manicure :) Well get ready for a floral party!! With Spring finally here, I've been inspired by all sorts of budding flowers including tulips, hyacinth and daffodils.

I love the combination of colours in these images; bright yellows, dusky purples, soft whites and cool greens. So fresh and clean!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)