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Forever Green

Afternoon People!

It may be officially Summer here but buckets of water are still falling from the skies :( Typical Britain. I think we may have already had our one and only heatwave back in March....

Anyway, today I've got my first 'Green' manicure to show you guys. This one is a kind of an abstract interpretation of countryside fields and hedges. I kept it nice and loose so it was really fun to paint :)

I started off by painting all my nails with China Glaze 'Highlight Of My Summer' which is a neon pastel apple green. WOW this is bright! Would look awesome as a pedicure with tanned skin on holiday :)

Once this was fully dry, I created a rough, painterly gradient using the following nail polishes (cuticle to tips); China Glaze 'Highlight Of My Summer', Zoya 'Midori'(apple green with strong gold shimmer), Barry M 'Spring Green' (grass green) and Rimmel 'Camouflage' (conifer green with pale gold shimmer). To loosen up the nail polishe…

Inspiration: Rolling Hills

Hello There!

One of the best things about living in the British countryside is how green it all is. It completely changes the mood of the landscape and makes me so happy. So in order to celebrate that kaleidoscope of greens and lush vegetation, I've decided to create some awesomely green nail art!

In the past, I've created manicures that were dominated by one colour (Pink) but I haven't done Green before so that will make things interesting! Sometimes it's good to narrow down the subject as it tends to make room for more creativity (I hope!)  :)

Thanks For Reading!

Kayleigh :)



Today, I have my last Spring floral manicure for you! A tiny bit late as it's practically Summer now but never mind :)

For this Tulip inspired manicure, I wanted to do a more painterly style rather than an exact representation. I much prefer doing artsy styled nail art as it leaves room for a few mistakes and of course it's fun to do!

First, I painted all my nails in Essie 'Virgin Snow' which is a lovely soft lavender toned pale blue creme. Amazingly, this is almost a one-coater! Unfortunately I ended up painting over most of it but you can see the blue peaking out here and there.

I then lightened the bottom half of each nail with Essie 'Blanc' (white creme) thinned down with Orly Nail Polish Thinner and a fluffy brush. Over that, I painted on rough sword-like leaves using Barry M 'Pole Position' (bright pastel green) and Orly 'Coachella Dweller' (light pistachio green), both thinned with nail polish thinner.

Unfortunately, you can't …