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Let Loose

Evening People!!

Tonight's post is going to be a quick one as I'm going on holiday on Monday and I have a massive to-do list! I'm road tripping across America from Las Vegas to San Francisco :) A lot of the journey will be spent in National Park campgrounds so nail art and blogging are going to be minimal for a while!

Anyway, on to some rather colourful nail art;

I started this manicure by painting all of my nails in China Glaze 'Kiss My Glass'. This is such an interesting colour; a dark steel grey with a slightly frosted finish that leans blue or green depending on the light. I can't work it out!

Using a combination of brushes (a striper and a detail brush) and Essie 'Blanc' (opaque white), I painted on some loose, tribalesque patterns which included dots, swirls and dashes.

Once that was dry, I used the detail brush and various bright and neon nail polishes to fill in the white areas of each nail. I started off with China Glaze 'Peonies & Park…

Bright At Midnight


Today's manicure involves a gorgeous deep navy and flashes of bright, neon colour. It's a different way of wearing neons, more sophisticated perhaps?! The darkness of the navy, alongside hints of grey, help to tone down the overall brightness while allowing the splashes of neon to still shine through.

I used the above piece of art as my inspiration for this manicure. I like the combination of the graphic transparent neons with accents of cement grey and shimmery deep almost black indigo. It's a pretty cool bit of artwork!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get that same transparency and complexity with nail polish so my final nail art is quite different from the original art. I rather like the outcome anyway though :)

I started this manicure by painting all of my nails in Essie 'Midnight Cami', a gorgeously dark, intense navy with subtle indigo/purple shimmer. I just adore this nail polish!!

On my accent nails, I placed a couple of matte neon studs in pink and y…

Inspiration: Electric Neons

A Good Evening To You All!

Although it's the end of Summer, I'm still feeling the need to wear some colourful and bright neon nail polishes! However, after a bit of musing and planning, I think I've come up with a more seasonal appropriate way of wearing them; flashes of searing neon amid deep indigo blues and the darkest greys.

The body painting images are my favourite, aren't they just absolutely beautiful and so creative?!!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)