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Bright At Midnight


Today's manicure involves a gorgeous deep navy and flashes of bright, neon colour. It's a different way of wearing neons, more sophisticated perhaps?! The darkness of the navy, alongside hints of grey, help to tone down the overall brightness while allowing the splashes of neon to still shine through.

I used the above piece of art as my inspiration for this manicure. I like the combination of the graphic transparent neons with accents of cement grey and shimmery deep almost black indigo. It's a pretty cool bit of artwork!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get that same transparency and complexity with nail polish so my final nail art is quite different from the original art. I rather like the outcome anyway though :)

I started this manicure by painting all of my nails in Essie 'Midnight Cami', a gorgeously dark, intense navy with subtle indigo/purple shimmer. I just adore this nail polish!!

On my accent nails, I placed a couple of matte neon studs in pink and yellow, near the base of each nail. I then used a thick coat of Essie 'Good To Go' to smooth it all over.

On the rest of my nails, I used Essie 'Blanc' (white) and the nail polish brush to block in the stripes and angles.

I then used a striping brush to paint in the main brights and neons with the following nail polishes; Orly 'Glowstick' (neon lemon yellow), Barry M 'Mango' (bright orange), China Glaze 'Hang-Ten Toes' (neon hot pink with fuchsia shimmer) and Barry M 'Cyan Blue' (bright blue).

Once that was dry, I painted on the accent stripes using a thin striping brush,  OPI 'I Don't Give A Rotterdam!' (light grey with fine gold shimmer) and OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem' (blue-grey with silver shimmer). Finally, I topcoated with Essie 'Good To Go'.

I have a bit of an odd relationship with neons; I love them but unfortunately, they don't really suit me! Therefore, this manicure was a good compromise and I loved wearing them :)

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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