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Full Bloom

Hello Everyone!

For today's Spring inspired floral manicure, I decided to take a more whimsical approach, in that it's more about the bright and fresh colour palette rather than actual Spring flowers. Does that make sense?!

I came across the image below while browsing Pinterest and completely fell in love with the colour combination!

The clean background, the fresh and frothy bursts of green with peach and pink accents. All of it just really appealed to me and so I decided to try and capture those elements in a fun, floral manicure! :)

I started this manicure by painting all my nails with Revlon Parfumerie 'Lavender Soap' which is a lilac tinted, pearlescent white. I expected this to be heavy on the brushstrokes but found that a thicker final coat produced a lovely smooth finish. It's just so pretty and delicate!

Once that was completely dry, I started to paint in loose roses using a detail brush and Essie 'Peach Side Babe' (bright peach). Then I painted on…