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Quench Your Thirst

Hello Everyone!!

For the last few days I've been debating whether or not to post this manicure. I'm not too pleased with it, so many things went wrong and it didn't come out how I'd imagined AT ALL!! But this blog is a documentation of my progress in nail art so here you go;

I was inspired by the bright, fruity images in my last Inspiration post and decided to paint various citrus slices on my nails! Note to self: actually look at an image of sliced fruit while painting them!!

I used a lot of different nail polishes so I'll break it down by finger! I started with my pinkie nail and finished with my thumb (you can actually see my progress nail by nail, ha ha!!).

On my pointer nail (lemon), I started with 17 'Sherbet Lemon', a very pale yellow. Using my thinnest striping brush and Barry M 'Coconut', I filled in the pith. Then I framed the nail in Revlon 'Zealous' for the rind. I added a bit of shimmer to the segments with Seventeen (17) Juicy …

Inspiration: Tropical Geometric

Hey There!!

Here's what's inspiring me at the moment; plenty of bright colours and tropical settings!! Can you tell that I need a holiday?!!

Citrus Slice

Hello, Hello!!

I absolutely LOVE stripes. In anything and everything I can get my hands on. It's gotten so bad that I've had to put myself on a 'No More Stripes' shopping ban (clothing that is) before my entire wardrobe overflows with the stuff! However, I'm not against covering my nails in stripes (mwah ha ha ha)......

As I usually do vertical stripes, I decided this time to go horizontal! I know, I live on the edge of life! I started with painting all my nails in Barry M 'Pearl'which is part of the Silk collection. Barry M have absolutely nailed it with these-no streaks in sight!!!

I also wanted to incorporate the OPI Sheer Tints into this nail art somehow (yup still persevering with them!!). I used OPI 'I'm Never Amberrassed' (this came out much brighter and more saturated in the photos than in person) and OPI 'Be Magentle With Me' to paint broad stripes here and there across my nails. I found that using very thin coats and being quic…

Miami Heat

A Good Evening To You All!!

Tonight I have another bit of nail art inspired by this inspiration post!! I loved the feel of the colourful palm tree photography and wanted to try a version using the OPI Sheer Tints. kinda worked :)

I started this manicure with Essie 'Find Me An Oasis' (very pale blue) on most of my nails, with Barry M 'Peach Melba' on my thumb and ring fingers. These two colours looked gorgeous together so I might have to wear this combination again soon!!

Then, with my thinnest striping brush and Essie 'Sable Collar', I painted on the palm trees on all my nails. At this point my linework looked pretty good, just as I imagined! It didn't last.....

On my thumb and ring nails, I painted a coat of OPI 'I'm Never Amberressed' (yellow sheer tint) over 'Peach Melba' to get a nice creamy orange. I then created a gradient with OPI 'Be Magentale With Me' (pink sheer tint).

On my pointer and pinkie nails, I dabbed…