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Razzle Dazzle

Good Evening People!!

Today, I'm showing you my Christmas manicure for this year! I may have gone a tad crazy with the glitter and rhinestones... Oops! At least it's appropriately festive and sparkly :) And to be honest, if you can't get away with glitter overboard at this time of year, when can you?!

Glitter Mania!! Ha Ha!

I started the manicure by painting all my nails with Essie 'Lots Of Lux' which is the most beautiful royal blue textured glitter polish. It's so sparkly and the colour is crazy intense! Love it.

I then created a glittery crescent at each cuticle (like a ruffian manicure) using a small detail brush and China Glaze 'Glistening Snow' (silver holo micro-glitter). Once that was completely dry, I layered over Essie 'Beyond Cozy' (fine silver shimmer) and Orly 'Holy Holo!' (silver holo hex glitter).

I also painted on some thin 'ribbons' hanging down the nails with a tiny detail brush and Essie 'Beyond Cozy'.

Christmas Inspiration: Winter Blues


This year, I'm being inspired by all the icy, frosty hues for my Christmas & New Year nail art! Plenty of silver, sparkling white and pastel blues with accents of rich cobalt blue, spearmint and soft blue-greys. I can't wait to start designing my manicures :)

Oh, I love these colours! It's unseasonably warm here so this may be the only way to get my fill of ice and snow...

Thanks For Reading!

Kayleigh :)

By Firelight

Evening Everyone!

Today, I have my final Autumn inspired manicure to show you :) I realise it's rather belated as Winter has fully entrenched itself but I wanted post it anyway!

I'm not sure if you can actually tell what this is meant to be... ha ha! I felt like doing something a bit challenging so I decided to paint an image of a campfire on my two accent nails. It was a lot trickier than I'd anticipated so I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out :)

I started by painting all my nails with Essie 'Haute Tub' which is a black based nail polish filled with rose pink glass flecks. I was not expecting to love this polish as much as I do as I usually steer away from black. In fact I loved it so much that I wore it on it's own for a few days first (hence the big cuticle gap!).

Over my non-accent nails, I painted Lacquerhead Polish 'Witches Be Crazy'(orange metallic and holo hex glitter with a spattering of purple, cyan, emerald green, golden yell…