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A Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

For my final bit of Christmas themed nail art, I wanted to try something a bit different but had absolutely NO inspiration. But then I had the stupendous idea of looking at Christmas cards for ideas and found a contemporary style that would look awesome on nails;

I started with a base of Orly 'Coachella Dweller' which is a lovely soft apple green. I don't think I have anything else like this in my collection, so a great addition!

Then, using my striper brush and Zoya 'Blaze' (aaah SO Christmassy!!), I painted a deer silhouette (from the Christmas card) on my thumb and a half one on my middle nail. Normally 'Blaze' is a deep pink but the green underneath brings out the red tones here!

On my remaining nails (pinkie, ring and pointer) I painted on the roughly shaped baubles (from the Christmas card) using Zoya 'Blaze' and Barry M 'Guava'. I didn't use a dotting tool as the baubles were meant to be kinda lopsided! …

The Brightest Of Them All

A Good Evening To You!!

The idea behind todays manicure (hanging baubles) is pretty much all over pinterest! I think they look so cool and are a bit different from your usual Christmas nail art. I didn't want to just copy what's already been done though so I decided to use a more unusual colour palette: brights!!

I started with a base of Essie 'Blanc' in order to get a nice clean canvas. But seeing as it is Christmas, I also added a layer of La Femme 'Fairy Dust' for some subtle sparkle (is that even possible??).

Once that had dried, I started creating the hanging ornaments! First, I painted in the ribbons using my striping brush and the following nail polishes; China Glaze 'Flying Dragon' (purple), Barry M 'Key Lime' (green) and OPI 'That's Berry Daring' (blue).

Then, still using the striping brush, I created the baubles by painting in different sized circles and a few pointed ovals (?). I used the following polishes for this step;

Ice Ice Baby

Hello Hello!

This manicure has got to be the sparkliest bit of nail art I've ever done!! Literally every single nail polish had shimmer and/or glitter involved, ha ha!! It's going to be rather a challenge to come up with something even more sparkly for New Year's Eve :)

I started off with a couple of lovely coats of OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem'. It's such a beautiful blue-grey colour and the golden shimmer is just so unexpected!

I outlined some abstract icicles and diamond shaped 'drips' on each nail with Essie 'Blanc' and my striper brush, before carefully  filling it in with the nail polish brush. Then I went over 'Blanc' with Barry M 'Lady' which is absolutely perfect for this frosty look! I ended up doing two coats as even with the white under layer, 'I Have A Herring Problem' still showed through in patches.

I added in some detail to the icicle tips and some diamonds with Zoya Pixie Dust 'Nyx' and a small f…

Presents Galore

Hey There!!

When I was younger, presents were the most exciting thing about Christmas! But as I've got older that's quickly been replaced by the awesome food (ha ha!) and I actually prefer the choosing and giving of the presents (my sister thinks I'm bonkers). I love searching for the perfect present for each person and then trying extremely hard not to tell them before the big day!

I started with a base of OPI 'Upfront & Personal' which I think is the most perfect shade of pale gold, especially for this time of year :) On my thumb, middle and ring nails, I also added a coat of Revlon 'Sequins' (gold glitter topper) to add even more sparkle!

For my accent nails (pointer and pinkie) I decided to represent wrapping paper by adding stripes in red and green. I used my striping brush and Essie 'Russian Roulette' (red), Nubar 'Reclaim'(holo green) and Essie 'Snap Happy' (orangey red) to paint regular thin stripes.

On my thumb, middle a…

A Touch Of Scandal

Hello Hello!!

The last week or so, we've been decorating up a storm!! We like to have colour co-ordinated decorations in a few rooms- blue, pink, purple and silver in the lounge and red, gold and a touch of green in the entryway and hallway! I was really influenced by all the beautiful swooping arcs of beads, tinsel and ribbon so of course you can see where this is going......

The base colour is a couple of coats of Revlon 'Scandalous' (otherwise known as 'Facets Of Fuchsia'), a lovely dark nail polish with depth and sparkle! The first coat goes on really patchy but surprisingly the second coat smoothes it out totally.

To represent the swoops of tinsel and whatnot, I decided to use silver, purples and blues to go with the base colour. I used my trusty thin striper brush and a variety of nail polishes to paint random arcs and curves on each nail. The polishes I used were: Essie 'Beyond Cozy' (silver), Essie 'Splash Of Grenadine' (pinky lilac), Essie

Movie Night: Hunchback Of Notre Dame

A Good Evening To You!

When we were younger, my sister and I watched Disney films rather a lot! One of our favourite characters was (and still is...) Esmeralda for obvious reasons- she's stunning, an amazing dancer and stands up for herself! So tonight's nail art is centred around her, in particular her dance in the red dress;

This image was my main source of inspiration. There was no way that I would be able to actually paint Esmeralda herself so instead I went for snippets of the whole scene!

From thumb to pinkie: Sun decoration, Tambourine and Scarf, Esmeralda's Tiara, Star decoration, Tambourine. On my thumb and ring fingers, I painted on Barry M 'Blueberry' which is more dusky than it looks in the photos! Then using a gold Technic striper, I painted in a large sun and stars. On my thumb, I added facial details to the sun using Kolor 'Russet', a mixture of Butter London 'Black Knight' and Barry M 'Cappuccino' and my striping brush. On my …

Winter Camouflage

Hello Everybody!!

It is the month of Christmas and GLITTER!!!! I am way too excited. You can expect plenty of sparkly goodness coming your way soon :)

Yesterday I went to my first Christmas fair (yes in November, I'm hardcore!) and at the last minute decided I couldn't possibly go without a Christmas manicure. So this happened;

Certainly not my best work as it was very rushed and last minute but it did the job! I had to take these photos in the car on the way and actually at the fair so they're not too great ha ha!

I started by painting all my nails with Rimmel 'Camouflage'which is a perfect Christmas tree colour, yay! It's practically a one coater too which is pretty damn good for a £4 nail polish! Rimmel continue to produce some great nail polishes which are especially good for nail art.

Using my striper brush and China Glaze 'Glistening Snow', I painted on some thin curving lines to represent tinsel or beaded ropes. 'Glistening Snow' is by f…