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The Brightest Of Them All

A Good Evening To You!!

The idea behind todays manicure (hanging baubles) is pretty much all over pinterest! I think they look so cool and are a bit different from your usual Christmas nail art. I didn't want to just copy what's already been done though so I decided to use a more unusual colour palette: brights!!

I started with a base of Essie 'Blanc' in order to get a nice clean canvas. But seeing as it is Christmas, I also added a layer of La Femme 'Fairy Dust' for some subtle sparkle (is that even possible??).

Once that had dried, I started creating the hanging ornaments! First, I painted in the ribbons using my striping brush and the following nail polishes; China Glaze 'Flying Dragon' (purple), Barry M 'Key Lime' (green) and OPI 'That's Berry Daring' (blue).

Then, still using the striping brush, I created the baubles by painting in different sized circles and a few pointed ovals (?). I used the following polishes for this step; Zoya 'Rory' (pink), China Glaze 'Sun-Kissed' (neon yellow), Barry M 'Passion Fruit' (coral red) and Barry M 'Guava' (teal).

For the iddy biddy details on the baubles, I used the same nail polishes that I used for the ribbons (see above) except for the glitter over 'Guava' which is Barry M 'Aqua Glitter'. :)

Finally I used Essie 'No Chips Ahead' which thankfully has improved a million the more I've used it!! YAY!!

I am rather fond of these but because of the immense tininess of my nails, I can't paint in a great amount of detail which annoys the beejezers out of me! Major bleh!

Everyone else seemed to enjoy these though so it's probably just me! :)

Thanks for reading,

Kayleigh :)



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