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An English Summer

Good Afternoon!

For a while now, I've been wanting to try out a landscape manicure, where the image stretches across each nail, forming a picture. Some of my absolute favourite nail artists (Very Emily & Wondrously Polished for example) are absolute geniuses at this and I think its such a creative and fun way to do nail art. So I took a deep breath and gave it a go!

I had the general idea of how I wanted it to look in my head, so I did a quick sketch on paper before I started painting.

First, I painted all my nails with Revlon Parfumerie 'Surf Spray', a dusky sheer blue with strong aqua shimmer. Most of the time this is a bright turquoise but at certain angles there's a hint of the purpley blue base colour. Absolutely mesmerising! And it smells like holidays!

Once that was fully dry, I mapped out the whole image using OPI 'Jade Is The New Black' (muted fir green) and a small detail brush. I then lightened the green with a touch of Essie 'Blanc'(whit…