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Colours In Contrast

Good Evening!!

This week, I've used some really bright nail polishes, absolutely perfect for Summer! It did feel a bit weird as I've been using mainly soft and muted colours in my past manicures. Nice to change things up though :)

Today's manicure was inspired by two abstract prints by Ashley Goldberg. I liked her use of contrasting colours (orange and blue) in these patterns as they really bring out the brightness and intensity of the shapes.

I tried to keep my colours as close as possible to the originals but I was missing a couple of shades so I just made do with the nail polishes that I have. Good excuse to buy a couple of new polishes!

I started this manicure by painting most of my nails (thumb, middle and ring) in Barry M 'Damson'. This is just the most beautiful blue, intense and dusty all at the same time!

Unfortunately, my camera picked up the underlying bright tones in the nail polish so these photos are not colour accurate :( Barry M 'Damson' is …

Inspiration: Ashley Goldberg

Good Afternoon People!!

The other day, while I was perusing Pinterest, I stumbled upon the bright and bold artwork of Ashley Goldberg. She specializes in colourful abstract patterns in unusual colour combinations. As soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect manicure inspiration!

These prints are just so fun and uplifting! I think it's going to be fun to interpret this artwork into nail art, especially after such detailed and fiddly manicures that I've been doing lately :)

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)

Celastrina Argiolus

Afternoon People!!

I am currently watching a bit of Wimbledon while typing out this post; Come on Murray! I'm not even that interested in tennis but always watch it during these special two weeks :)

Today's nail art is inspired by a really beautiful image that I found on Pinterest (obviously, where else?!). I decided to change the butterfly to a Holly Blue as I wasn't exactly sure what type of butterfly is in the original image but it's quite similar.

I started the manicure by painting all my nails with Barry M 'Peach Melba'(soft peach) followed by two coats of OPI 'I Theodora You'(sheer pale pink). Layering these two polishes allowed me to get the exact shade of peachy blush that I had in mind :)

On most of my nails (except my middle and ring nails) I then used Maybelline 'Bouquet', a clear glitter topper filled with matte white, matte pale pink and copper mixed hex glitter. I'ts very dainty and girly!

For my butterfly nails, I first roughl…