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Noir Hero

Hello Hello!

Today, I'm showing you another one of my precious Butter London babies; 'Black Knight'. Usually, I avoid wearing black in any form but this nail polish has really won me over!! It's so gorgeous, I've craved this beauty ever since I first laid my beady eyes on it :). Have a looksee;

I started off with 3 coats of Butter London 'Black Knight' on all my nails. Two coats probably would have been fine but I wanted plenty of depth! I then topcoated with Essie 'Good To Go' to really bring out that sparkly magic! Finally, I dabbed on a couple of coats of Barry M 'Pink Sapphire' over my half moon areas. 'Pink Sapphire' has bright pink hex glitters in it which match those in 'Black Knight' so it really brings the colour out :) .

This is pretty simple and probably only loosely categorised as nail art but with a stunner like this, how could I cover it up?! It's so sparkly in real life, I can't stop staring at my nails…

The House Of Colour

Good Evening Sweetie Pies!!

I've been seeing a lot of these circular grid patterns all over the internet-I think they're so very cool!! So of course my first thought in a situation like this is 'PUT IT ON MY NAILS!'. Indeed that is what I did. Boo Ya.

I adore how the blue nails (pointer and pinkie) came out!! Crème polishes seemed to work best for this technique, the dots came out the size I wanted them. It was much harder to do this with the pearl/metallic polishes, the finish seemed to restrict the size of the dots.

I started with a couple of coats of House Of Colour 'Sea Green' on my middle, ring and thumb nails. On my other nails, I had a blue Saffron polish (no name-boo). Using a large dotting tool and Rimmel 'Pear Drops', I painted on dots in a grid-like pattern over the 'Sea Green'. I repeated this with Barry M 'Blueberry' over the blue Saffron. I left out a few random dots in order to make it more interesting. With a small dottin…

Neon Trigonometry

Evening Sweeties!

I'm currently waiting for a first glimpse of the royal baby-it's so exciting!! I'm a huge royals fan and not ashamed of it!! Bet he's a complete sweetie pie :)

Don't you just love it when a manicure turns out even better than what you imagined it as?? This was the case with this particular nail art, I seriously could not stop staring at my nails! It's even been hindering my sleep ha ha!!

Pardon the cat hair on my hand-it gets everywhere especially when you have three!!
I began with a base of OPI 'Don't Burst My Bubble' which is a really lovely soft pinkish white. Unfortunately I only have a mini bottle of this and I didn't want to use it up too quickly so I painted a couple of coats of Rimmel 'French Ivory' first. Then, with a striping brush and Orly 'Glowstick'(amazing neon!!!) I painted on random triangles and triangle outlines on each nail. I repeated this step with China Glaze 'Highlight Of My Summer…

The Chevron Generation

Good Evening Peoples!!

This is going to be a rather short post as it's way too hot to do anything, I am literally melting. My laptop's not too keen on it either :( Hope you are all having some form of fun on such a gorgeous day!!

I needed some bright and juicy nail art for such a baking hot day, so this is what I came up with!! I started with a couple of coats of Orly 'Elation Generation' which is so much better looking on the nails than in the bottle. Then, using Barry M 'Key Lime', I painted on a triangle and filled the area around it. Next, I repeated this step with Collection 2000 'Show Off' in order to get chevrons. I hope that makes sense, my brain is just sizzling mush right now and incapable of any coherent thought!

This photo shows how bright the colours are in the sunlight, especially that lovely green. In fact these nails look so fruity that they make me want to lick them. I shall try to restrain myself.

Thanks for reading :)


Diamond In The Rough

Evening All!!

Just how amazing is the weather in Britain?!! I'm almost scared to mention how HOT it is in case I jinx it :) We never know how long 'Summer' will last here (anything from 2 days to 2 months) so I'm making the most of it with barbeques, floaty dresses and fruit-filled beverages!

I'm really into simple but elegant manicures at the moment, mainly because it's too hot for any kind of prolonged activity, ha ha!

I started off with a couple of coats of China Glaze 'Fancy Pants' which has a gorgeous purple shimmer just perfect for the sunshine! I then topcoated it all with Essie 'Good To Go' before applying the striping tape. I wanted simplicity but with a teensy bit of interest to it so I went for a textured version of a French tip. I added in checked tips on my ring and thumb as accent nails. I used Zoya Pixie Dust in 'Nyx' which is SO unbelievably sparkly!! Need to try this baby with topcoat on although I may not survive the ex…

My Brown Summer

Evening Everybody!!

As my last manicure was so bright, I decided to go with a more neutral and elegant manicure for the next one! I also love contrasting matte and shiny polishes, it's much more subtle than the whole texture trend but gives a nod towards it. And it looks super cool!!

Aw, I'm totally in love with this look! It makes my hands look amazingly elegant and posh. It helps that I'm on a brown and nude kick at the moment (or maybe forever....)!!  I started off with a couple of coats of Rimmel 'Posh Trash' which is a gorgeous colour!! Very flattering and work friendly. I then used a coat of Rimmel 'Matte Finish' to get that lovely softly burnished look! Mattifying frosted or metallic polishes always works really well and produces a pretty noticeable effect. After this was properly dry, I used OPI 'Wooden Shoe Like To Know?' to paint half of each nail. I say half but in some cases it was slightly more-woops. I then used Essie 'Good To Go…

Red Siren

Good Evening My Friends!!

Red can change everything. Red lipstick. Red shoes. Red nails. It's that pop of colour which makes us feel confident and  just that little bit braver. It's obvious and in your face, its feisty and fun. Whenever I have a gorgeous red nail polish on my nails, I feel brighter, confident and maybe a little bit reckless!! We should all get the chance to wear red, even if it is just on our nails, it changes the way we see ourselves and so the way others perceive us. Go on, do it!!

And of course because it's physically impossible for me to only wear one colour on my nails, I went and added a few more. I may have got a bit carried away with my colours here but hey, I like it!! It's bright and kinda reminds me of a carnival which can only be a good thing!

I started off with Essie 'Snap Happy' on all my nails. It's actually a teensy bit more orangey than in these photos- my poor camera gets freaked out by bright colours. Then I used the nai…

Sparkling Seafoam

Evening Folks!!

SO looking forward to this weekend- sunshine, barbecues, ice-cream, friends and family...... what more could you want?? Oh yeah of course- a jug of elderflower and raspberry Pimms! :)

Today, I've got the manicure that I wore on holiday last week. I decided on a glitter gradient as they last a good while and you can just add to them when the chipping starts. Also, I had a bunch of family's nails to do so I needed my own to be quick and easy!!

As soon as I spotted Zoya 'Zuza' in my polish drawer, I totally knew what sort of look I wanted! And of course, the fact that it was a cruise influenced me somewhat!! So, these mermaid/ ocean waves nails happened. Booya.

I can't get over how stunningly perfect 'Zuza' is, it's real stare-at-your-nails-all-day stuff!! After seeing a thousand swatches online, I knew it was gorgeous but oh man, it's so much more than that. Everyone MUST have this polish. Seriously, it would be a crime not to. Really.…

The Zealous Peach

Good Afternoon!!

I've just got back from an amazing holiday, cruising around the Mediterranean! It was genuinely fantastical!! Although, as we were on a ship, I couldn't do anything on the blog (very sad face) but I'm back now so it's all good :) .

I'll show you the manicure I did specially for the trip but in the meantime here's a funky take on a classic French manicure;

I surprised myself by actually really loving this nail art! It started out as just something that I wanted to have a go at but turned into something super cool!! The colours are really summery and it was pretty easy to do so an all round winner.

I started off with a couple of coats of Barry M 'Peach Melba' on all my nails. I tend to avoid orangey colours but the softness of this peach makes it very wearable. Next, a coat of Essie 'Good To Go' before using my good old paper hole-reinforcer stickers to create a French tip with OPI 'That's Berry Daring'. I can't s…