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Diamond In The Rough

Evening All!!

Just how amazing is the weather in Britain?!! I'm almost scared to mention how HOT it is in case I jinx it :) We never know how long 'Summer' will last here (anything from 2 days to 2 months) so I'm making the most of it with barbeques, floaty dresses and fruit-filled beverages!

I'm really into simple but elegant manicures at the moment, mainly because it's too hot for any kind of prolonged activity, ha ha!

I started off with a couple of coats of China Glaze 'Fancy Pants' which has a gorgeous purple shimmer just perfect for the sunshine! I then topcoated it all with Essie 'Good To Go' before applying the striping tape. I wanted simplicity but with a teensy bit of interest to it so I went for a textured version of a French tip. I added in checked tips on my ring and thumb as accent nails. I used Zoya Pixie Dust in 'Nyx' which is SO unbelievably sparkly!! Need to try this baby with topcoat on although I may not survive the experience out of sheer awe. I'm literally dying for 'Godiva' but can't find it anywhere. It seriously pains me :( .

Here you can see the texture a lot more, love it! I wasn't that enamoured with most of the texture trend but this I can handle. It helps that the Pixie Dusts are sparkly as hell and therefore I MUST have them all!! I've been trying to restrain myself with just a couple but then the summer colours came out... Damn you Zoya, damn you!!!

Anywho! Thanks for reading my little pals :)




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