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Inspiration: Think Pink

Good Afternoon :)

Every year, as Spring approaches, I start to become completely enamored with the colour pink. It could be due to the imminent swathes of cherry blossom or the aftermath of Valentine's Day. I really have no idea. All I know is that I rather like it!

Apparently I'm really into circular pink things at the moment.... ha! I'm also trying out a new layout of images, I think this is a bit more friendly to the eye :)

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)

Pastel Winter

Hello People!

So far, this Winter has been pretty mild with a distinct lack of ice and snow. Much to my disappointment :( Some of the most beautiful days at this time of year are those with crisp, sunny weather and frosty, iced landscapes! So to console myself, I decided to do a snowflake inspired manicure :)

First, I painted all my nails with Barry M 'Chai', a medium grey creme from their Gelly range. My god, this nail polish is stunning. Practically a one coater, smooth formula and SO shiny. I love it.

On my accent nails, I added layers of Kleancolor 'I Do, Romeo' (matte white hex glitter) and Black Cat Lacquer 'Let Them Eat Cake'(small pastel silk hex glitter) until I was happy with the coverage.

I wasn't in the mood to paint anything really detailed so I went for a more painterly/abstract look! I used a thin striping brush to paint on some random snowflakes in the following colours; Barry M 'Mist' (matte/silk pastel blue), Barry M 'Heather&#…