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Smoking Stardust

Heylo People!!

The weirdest but coolest thing happened today!! My mum, sister and I were food shopping when we came across the spookiest thing. Coca cola is doing this thing where random names are printed on their bottles. And there on the shelf, next to each other were 3 bottles with my mum's, sister's and my name on them!! Next to each other!! Of all the names on hundreds of bottles, what are the chances?!!! So groovy!

Anyway, I have some nail art with one of my favourite and most treasured nail polishes: Butter London 'Big Smoke'. Pretty much all the Butter London nail polishes are just adorable so the few I have are practically my babies :)

'Big Smoke' has a lovely shimmer to it so I thought a glitter gradient would really suit it. It's really easy to do as you just use the nail polish brush but it creates a stunning effect! Gorgeous in fact.

After painting all my nails with a couple of coats of 'Big Smoke', I created a gradient with Essie 'B…

Fresh As A Daisy

Hello Hello Hello!!

So, apparently painting daisies are not my forte. Alas. Generic floral designs? Hell yes!! Flowers with a million teeny petals?? Nope. Not a bean. Which is unfortunate as daisies are such an English summer thing don't you think?

As I'm feeling particularly adventurous, I thought I would show you the little blighters anyway. Just don't look too closely ok? Maybe squint a bit too and imagine perfect daisies? It would be much appreciated :)

Now that I'm looking at them again, they sort of remind me of weird splattered fried eggs- ha ha ha!! Maybe I should have pretended that was the look I was going for??

It was actually the magical sheen of the green polish which prevented this from becoming an absolute disaster. Zoya 'Midori' is so so stunning and really come into it's own in the sunlight! I love everything about it, the colour, the formula, the shimmer, EVERYTHING!!

After painting a couple of coats of Zoya 'Midori' on all my nail…

This Leopard Prefers Pastels

Good Evening People!!

Inspiration can be a pretty funny thing as it can come from the weirdest of places. For example, the other day while getting dressed, I looked at my underwear and thought that would look awesome on my nails!! Ha ha! Please say someone else does this?? No?

Anywho, I thought it would be a cool idea to show you guys some of the inspiration which influences my nail art. :) Here goes:

I've been meaning to do a leopard print manicure for ever but could never quite decide on the colours (pretty unusual for me!). Then I came across these beautiful polished stones (rose quartz and sodalite I think) and couldn't resist using the lovely colours in some nail art. And ta dah, an idea was born!

I began this manicure with a base of China Glaze 'Pink-ie Promise' on all of my nails. Check out that fantastical shimmer!! Then using a medium sized dotting tool and Essie 'Coat Azure', I dotted on random splodges on each nail. I'd started on my thumb and wa…

Greek Island Essence

Hello Hello Hello!!

How are we all on this fine summer evening? (I know, S.U.M.M.E.R, it's actually here!)

The colours that I used for this manicure remind me big time of the Mediterranean. Aqua skies, golden nude beaches, deep blue sea and white walls glowing in the sun. Magical. Don't you wish you were there right now??

The other day, whilst rummaging in the depths of a drawer, I found some craft scissors, wooop!! So exciting! Embarressingly so, but hey! I immediately wanted to get on down and try out some nail art with it :) I figured that normal tape would just be too flimsy to use and thus result in a huge sticky mess (icky) so I used some label stickers instead. They turned out to be surprisingly good for this! Exxxxccelent.

I started with a couple of coats of Essie 'Blanc' on my pinkie and pointer fingers (I like to use these as quircky accents) and Barry M 'Lychee' on the rest. I then topcoated them all with Essie 'Out The Door' to get them read…

It's All About The Curves

Evening All!!

I've got a rather simple but effective bit of nail art to show you guys :). I did this manicure while I was away so therefore with limited nail art resources!! I only had a few random nail polishes with me and some paper hole reinforcer stickers. I didn't feel like doing a half moon manicure again so I decided to see what else these little blighters coild be used for!

I know, I know, it still looks very like a half moon manicure!! Woops! I was going for curved stripes or thick arcs but once again my teensy weensy nails scuppered this plan!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. If I had bigger nails, I would have added another arch to get a more striking stripey effect and placed the first arch higher up the nail so that it didn't look so much like a half moon mani.

Anyway, I started with about a million coats of OPI 'I Theadore You'. It's a pretty enough colour but it's also ridiculously streaky and sheer- yuck. I'll propably only use it for glitter sandwiches…

Dress Me Up In Polka Dots

Good Evening My Pretties!!

This is the nail art that I wore when I went away a week ago. I did the manicure the night before I went but then randomly, the next day I dressed in matching colours totally without meaning to! I am that cool.

I didn't have time to do anything complicated as I still had loads to sort out so I went with a quirky take on polka dots! Take a look;

I started off with the absolute beauty that is OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff'. God I love this colour, it's so very pretty and clean. A perfect base for nail art! It does come out a little streaky at first but as long as you paint carefully, it's all good after a couple of coats. I then used a medium dotting tool and China Glaze 'Dress Me Up' to do polka dots over all my nails. Then, with the same dotting tool and OPI 'That's Berry Daring', I went over a few polka dots to make a kind of chevron pattern. Finally, I topcoated with Essie 'Good To Go'.

It's pretty simple but I…

A Polish Dilemma

Good Evening Everybody!!

I just got my hands on an actual holographic polish!!! For some absurd reason, they're almost impossible to find here in the uk but I found one on Amazon (love this place!! It's quickly becoming my nail polish haven) and I am so very happy!! Next I'm on the hunt for the  new Color Club holos :)

But when I painted my nails, I encountered a problemo. The holoness was stunning and way too mesmerising to cover up with nail art. BUT I have a severe aversion to wearing only one nail polish, even if it's as pretty as this one! So, what to do????

After much brainstorming, I fell back on my life motto: 'when in doubt, add glitter' (see, it works in every situation!). I figured that if I just added a strip of glitter down one side of each nail, then the beauty of Nubar 'Reclaim' would still be the main event! I chose a multicoloured glitter (Jordana 'Gemstones') to bring out the rainbow effect of the holo.

I totally love the outc…