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It's All About The Curves

Evening All!!

I've got a rather simple but effective bit of nail art to show you guys :). I did this manicure while I was away so therefore with limited nail art resources!! I only had a few random nail polishes with me and some paper hole reinforcer stickers. I didn't feel like doing a half moon manicure again so I decided to see what else these little blighters coild be used for!

I know, I know, it still looks very like a half moon manicure!! Woops! I was going for curved stripes or thick arcs but once again my teensy weensy nails scuppered this plan!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. If I had bigger nails, I would have added another arch to get a more striking stripey effect and placed the first arch higher up the nail so that it didn't look so much like a half moon mani.

Anyway, I started with about a million coats of OPI 'I Theadore You'. It's a pretty enough colour but it's also ridiculously streaky and sheer- yuck. I'll propably only use it for glitter sandwiches, applying it as a solid colour was just way too much hassle (i.e. too much growling to be healthy). Then, after I'd topcoated with Essie 'Out The Door', I placed a reinforcer sticker halfway up the nail so that it created a curve/arc. Using Rimmel 'Peppermint', I painted the exposed area above the sticker on each nail. It looked too simple at this point so I outlined each arc with a blue glitter Accurate nail art striper. I think it makes it look a lot more striking and less plain, yay!! (glitter saved the day, again!)

I do like these (kinda) but I think they could do with more detail. Not sure what tho! Maybe some accent dots?? They are nice and clean looking though which I really like :) .

Thanks for reading people!!




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