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Three's A Crowd

Hello There!!

It appears that Summer has officially left the building. Or at least the UK. On the whole August has been wet and chilly so I took the opportunity to fly to warmer shores. Hot sunny weather, watermelon and plenty of pool time; it was good :)

Anyway, today I have the last installment of my nail art interpretation of Ashley Goldberg's abstract art. I decided to bring a few prints into one, busy and colourful manicure!!

Above are the three prints that I decided to use as inspiration. I changed up some of the colours in order to unify the whole manicure a bit!

I started the manicure by painting my accent nails with Barry M 'Coconut', an off-white almost cream coloured nail polish. I then painted the rest of my nails in China Glaze 'Strike A Rose', a pink toned coral with slight silver shimmer. It didn't really matter what colour I chose for this as the end result would mostly be covered up!

I decided to do two different patterns on my accent nails for…

Splash Of Mustard

Good Afternoon!!

Today I've got a bit of a crazy manicure to show you! It's another interpretation of Ashley Goldberg's fantastic artwork but I'm not entirely sure that the two patterns that I've chosen actually go together. I'll let you decide :)

Above, are the two prints that I decided to use as inspiration. I really like the colour pairing of the hot pink and yellow mustard, which was a surprise to me as I usually avoid this kind of yellow like the plague!

I first painted most of my nails in Revlon Parfumerie 'African Tea Rose', a bright hot pink with very subtle blue/pink shimmer. As this nail polish is part of the Parfumerie range, it's scented; a lovely tropical floral perfume. It's a nice surprise every time my hand is near my face but not at all overpowering.

On my accent nails (thumb and ring) I used Butter London 'East End', a mustard yellow which dries to an interesting matte finish.

On the pink nails, I used a medium detail b…