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Three's A Crowd

Hello There!!

It appears that Summer has officially left the building. Or at least the UK. On the whole August has been wet and chilly so I took the opportunity to fly to warmer shores. Hot sunny weather, watermelon and plenty of pool time; it was good :)

Anyway, today I have the last installment of my nail art interpretation of Ashley Goldberg's abstract art. I decided to bring a few prints into one, busy and colourful manicure!!

Above are the three prints that I decided to use as inspiration. I changed up some of the colours in order to unify the whole manicure a bit!

I started the manicure by painting my accent nails with Barry M 'Coconut', an off-white almost cream coloured nail polish. I then painted the rest of my nails in China Glaze 'Strike A Rose', a pink toned coral with slight silver shimmer. It didn't really matter what colour I chose for this as the end result would mostly be covered up!

I decided to do two different patterns on my accent nails for something a bit different.

On my middle nail I used a large dotting tool to add the following colours; China Glaze 'Strike A Rose', Barry M 'Kiwi' (bright emerald green), 17 'Orange Soda' (light creamy orange) and Revlon 'Royal' (bright royal blue). I'm not entirely happy with the way this came out, I think I used way too many dots and wasn't careful enough about keeping them the same size :(

On my ring finger, I used a small detail brush to roughly paint on large horizontal stripes in China Glaze 'Strike A Rose'. Then, using the same brush and Revlon 'Royal', I dabbed on lines of ovals across the nail. I think this is probably my favourite pattern out of the three!!

On the rest of my nails, I painted a patchwork of colours using a medium detail brush. I started with Barry M 'Kiwi', Barry M 'Key Lime' (lime green) and Revlon 'Zealous' (shimmery lemon yellow). The latter is quite sheer so I first painted an undercoat of 17 'Sherbet Lemon' (pastel yellow).

Once these were dry, I added on Essie 'Naughty Nautical' (light teal with silver shimmer), 17 'Orange Soda' and Revlon 'Royal'. Finished with a shiny coat of Essie 'Good To Go'.

As much as I like the sheer brightness of this manicure (it's just so happy!), I really can't deal with the busyness of it! It's not my style and it's way too over the top for an everyday manicure. However I did enjoy painting it and I'm glad that I tried something a bit outside the box for me :)

Thanks for reading!!

Kayleigh :)



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