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Colours Of Ibiza

Hey There!

When the OPI Sheer Tints first came out I may have gotten a tad over excited...ahem. I really like the idea behind them and so bought a mini set as soon as I spotted them online!

But then I was stumped.

I had no idea where to begin and had to fight an urge to just plonk them on my nails any old how. So, for my next few manicures I have challenged myself to use these babies in some interesting nail art......

Originally when I did this manicure, I used Essie 'Blanc'as my base colour on all my nails but it just looked too stark and wrong. So I removed that and used China Glaze 'Dandy Lyin' Around' instead. MUCH better :)

Over this shimmery goodness, I painted two coats of Models Own Hedkandi 'Ibiza Mix'. This is a fun, summery glitter topper made up of metallic light yellow gold, orange/copper, lavender and turquoise hex glitters. The suspension base is quite runny so I found it best to dab it on!

Now for those Sheer Tints!! Unfortunately, my mini…

Inspiration: Sheer Brights

Hey There People!!

Today's post is a bit different to my usual as it doesn't contain any nail art! Gasp!! Where I get my inspiration from and what it involves is a huge part of my creativity and therefore my nail art. So I thought it would be fun to show you what's inspiring me right now!

Just Juicy

Hello People!!

Lately I've noticed that I've been drawn to certain colours which normally I would never think of wearing! Since the weather has got warmer, I've been really feeling the corals and hot pinks. It seems to be developing into an obsession: I want all the corals!! So weird.

I decided to just go with it and chose a pink and coral colour palette for this Summery manicure! I love these colours together; it just looks SO juicy and yummy :)

I started with a couple of coats of Barry M 'Coral'on my accent nails (thumb and ring fingers) and OPI 'Glints Of Glinda' on the rest of my nails. I wanted to try out the naked nail art trend but didn't want completely bare nails so this was a great compromise!

On my accent nails, I used Franken Frosting 'Watermelon Candy' over 'Coral'. This is such an amazing and unique glitter topper! It's made up of small light pink and green holo hex glitters with lots of tiny pale green square glitters…

Modern Vintage

Hello Everybody!!

The other day I was looking through some of my older blog posts-please say I'm not the only one who cringes when they do this?!! Embarrassing dialogue aside, I do enjoy looking at how much I've improved on the nail art front! It gives me motivation to keep on trucking and stepping outside my comfort zone a tidbit....

I saw this retro rose print on Pinterest (ha, where else?!) and immediately fell in love with it! Which of course can be translated as-'must put it on my nails now!'

I started this manicure with a couple of coats of Essie 'Trophy Wife' on all my nails. A beautiful colour but it does have a bit of an odd formulae. Kind of goopy and claggy but still workable.

Then, using my thin striping brush and Essie 'Blanc', I painted on the roses and leafy branch outlines. For the leaves, I used a small detail brush to gently dab on Barry M 'Key Lime', leaving some white showing through, especially on the stems. I added some hig…