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Peony Love

Hey There!

One thing that you may have noticed about my nail art is that I love a floral manicure! They're a bit of a challenge but not too difficult and enjoyable to wear. So today's nail art is inspired by one of my favourite flowers; the Peony :)

As this was going to be another rather pink manicure, I decided to use differently textured nail polishes to break it up a bit!

So I started by painting all my nails in Barry M 'Socialite', a really gorgeous bright, hot pink glitter filled jelly, with small holo hex glitter and blue/purple shimmer. In these photos, you can see how strongly my camera is picking up that beautiful shimmer! In person, the overall colour is much more pink.

Using a small detail brush and Rimmel 'Strawberry Fizz' (sweet pink), I blocked in the flower shapes on each nail. I find it easier to paint at this stage if I thin the nail polish slightly with Orly Nail Polish Thinner :) I then used China Glaze 'Exotic Encounters' (dusky dark…

Blossom Skies

Hello Everyone!

The manicure that I'm showing you today is probably one of my most favourite pieces of nail art that I've done in quite a while! I loved wearing it and was pretty sad when it started to chip off :(

One of the thing's that I most look forward to in Spring is the flowering of the Cherry blossom. Especially on a sunny day with blue skies, when the soft breezes carry swathes of delicate, pastel pink petals across the landscape. So pretty :)

I started my blossom inspired manicure by painting all my nails in Barry M 'Mist', from their Silk collection. This is a gorgeous shimmery matte pastel blue nail polish which changes tone slightly at different angles. Such a subtle but interesting polish!

(It's a little bit more aqua leaning than these photos show though.)

I first painted on the cherry blossom branches using Essie 'It's Genius' (russet brown with gold shimmer) and a small detail brush. I wanted a more painterly look to this manicure s…

Round And Round

Hello There!

For today's Pink inspired manicure, I decided to go a bit pattern crazy :) As I was only using one colour, I could afford to pile on the prints without the manicure becoming a complete failure (hopefully). I think I managed it!

So much pink!!

I started this crazy manicure with China Glaze 'Hang-Ten Toes' on all my nails. It's a searing neon pink with pink micro-shimmer and dries matte. Such a happy colour :)

Once this was completely dry, I painted on the first pattern layer.

I diluted Barry M 'Pomegranate' (dark pink) and Revlon Parfumerie'African Tea Rose'(pink with fuchsia shimmer) with Orly Nail Polish Thinner until they were of a watercolour consistency. Then I used a small detail brush to paint on rough circle shapes all over each nail, using both colours.

I ended up absolutely loving the effect, so will probably include it in future manicures!

I then used a Barry M Nail Art Pen in 'Pink' to draw on some simple swirls here and …