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Round And Round

Hello There!

For today's Pink inspired manicure, I decided to go a bit pattern crazy :) As I was only using one colour, I could afford to pile on the prints without the manicure becoming a complete failure (hopefully). I think I managed it!

So much pink!!

I started this crazy manicure with China Glaze 'Hang-Ten Toes' on all my nails. It's a searing neon pink with pink micro-shimmer and dries matte. Such a happy colour :)

Once this was completely dry, I painted on the first pattern layer.

I diluted Barry M 'Pomegranate' (dark pink) and Revlon Parfumerie 'African Tea Rose' (pink with fuchsia shimmer) with Orly Nail Polish Thinner until they were of a watercolour consistency. Then I used a small detail brush to paint on rough circle shapes all over each nail, using both colours.

I ended up absolutely loving the effect, so will probably include it in future manicures!

I then used a Barry M Nail Art Pen in 'Pink' to draw on some simple swirls here and there. I found that this pen works best on a matte surface, as does the watercolour technique. It was much easier to use than I expected! If only they made a wider range of colours :(

For the next layer of pattern, I decided to do grid-like dots.

I used a small dotting tool and the following nail polishes; Barry M 'Pomegranate', Barry M 'Dragon Fruit' (light pink with slight silver shimmer) and Barry M 'Rose Hip' (pastel pink). It needed a bit of contrast, so I added a few big dots using a large dotting tool.

I finished it off with a coat of Essie 'Good To Go'.

I spent ages trying to do my dots in uniform sizes so I'm pretty proud of myself for managing that on the whole! I don't usually wear so much pink all at once so this was a fun change. And that neon pink is strangely flattering :)

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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