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The Victorian Lady

A Good Evening To You!

As the weather gets colder, I start to lean towards plush velvets, intricate brocade and vintage lace and those stunning Baroque, Victorian and Elizabethan prints. There's just something about their heaviness and rich jewel tones that goes perfectly with chilly days and nights. So of course I had to have a go at translating this onto my nails!!

This pattern is actually inspired by the one on my dining room chairs-ha ha! I started by applying Barry M 'Lychee' to my thumb, middle and ring nails and Essie 'Leading Lady' to my pointer and pinkie nails. 'Leading Lady' is an absolute stunner!! It practically glows with cranberry glittery goodness. Yummy.

Once these were dry, I used Essie 'Russian Roulette' and my striping brush to carefully paint on the Victorian floral pattern. It was actually much much easier than I thought it would be! to make things a bit easier, I first drew a simplified version on some paper so that I knew roughly how to do it. I finished off with Essie 'Good To Go'.

I am SO proud of these- for some reason I thought I would never be able to carry it off! DOH! I adore how the whole manicure looks as a whole, so very pretty :)

Of course it does mean that I now have to do every possible version of this in all the colours and finishes!! I have made a monster. But I like it...

Thanks for reading :)



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    1. thank you!! Thanks for letting me know about your new blog- I've hit the follow button already! xxx


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