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This Leopard Prefers Pastels

Good Evening People!!

Inspiration can be a pretty funny thing as it can come from the weirdest of places. For example, the other day while getting dressed, I looked at my underwear and thought that would look awesome on my nails!! Ha ha! Please say someone else does this?? No?

Anywho, I thought it would be a cool idea to show you guys some of the inspiration which influences my nail art. :) Here goes:

I've been meaning to do a leopard print manicure for ever but could never quite decide on the colours (pretty unusual for me!). Then I came across these beautiful polished stones (rose quartz and sodalite I think) and couldn't resist using the lovely colours in some nail art. And ta dah, an idea was born!

I began this manicure with a base of China Glaze 'Pink-ie Promise' on all of my nails. Check out that fantastical shimmer!! Then using a medium sized dotting tool and Essie 'Coat Azure', I dotted on random splodges on each nail. I'd started on my thumb and wasn't too keen on the pattern covering the whole nail, so I just did a few here and there on the rest of my nails. It looks a ton better!! I then went back with a slightly smaller dotting tool and Barry M 'Mint Green' to do random outlines of the splodges. I finished off with a topcoat of Essie 'Good To Go'.

Not sure my animal print skills are up to scratch but I absolutely adore the colour combination!! As you may have noticed, I'm currently obsessed with soft pink and mint, can't get enough of the stuff!!

Thanks for reading :)




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