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Sparkling Seafoam

Evening Folks!!

SO looking forward to this weekend- sunshine, barbecues, ice-cream, friends and family...... what more could you want?? Oh yeah of course- a jug of elderflower and raspberry Pimms! :)

Today, I've got the manicure that I wore on holiday last week. I decided on a glitter gradient as they last a good while and you can just add to them when the chipping starts. Also, I had a bunch of family's nails to do so I needed my own to be quick and easy!!

As soon as I spotted Zoya 'Zuza' in my polish drawer, I totally knew what sort of look I wanted! And of course, the fact that it was a cruise influenced me somewhat!! So, these mermaid/ ocean waves nails happened. Booya.

I can't get over how stunningly perfect 'Zuza' is, it's real stare-at-your-nails-all-day stuff!! After seeing a thousand swatches online, I knew it was gorgeous but oh man, it's so much more than that. Everyone MUST have this polish. Seriously, it would be a crime not to. Really. Do It!

So anyway, I started off with a couple of coats (barely, careful application could make this a one coater) of 'Zuza'. Then using Orly 'Go Deeper', I painted one coat on my ring finger (accent) and dabbed some on the tips of my other nails. Then, with China Glaze 'Luxe and Lush', I repeated this step but used two coats. I added another layer of 'Go Deeper' to the ring finger to add some depth. I wanted the tips to resemble sunlight on sea foam, so I dabbed on some Black Cat Lacquer 'Let Them Eat Cake' except for my ring finger. This is my absolute favourite pastel glitter- it's truly beautiful over a soft white :) . Black Cat Lacquer is also a really fantastic indie brand, I wish I could have every single one of their polishes!

Surprisingly, this manicure lasted nearly all week, WOOP!! And it looked SO cool in the Med sunlight! Definitely a winner :) .

Thanks for reading!




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