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Presents Galore

Hey There!!

When I was younger, presents were the most exciting thing about Christmas! But as I've got older that's quickly been replaced by the awesome food (ha ha!) and I actually prefer the choosing and giving of the presents (my sister thinks I'm bonkers). I love searching for the perfect present for each person and then trying extremely hard not to tell them before the big day!

I started with a base of OPI 'Upfront & Personal' which I think is the most perfect shade of pale gold, especially for this time of year :) On my thumb, middle and ring nails, I also added a coat of Revlon 'Sequins' (gold glitter topper) to add even more sparkle!

For my accent nails (pointer and pinkie) I decided to represent wrapping paper by adding stripes in red and green. I used my striping brush and Essie 'Russian Roulette' (red), Nubar 'Reclaim' (holo green) and Essie 'Snap Happy' (orangey red) to paint regular thin stripes.

On my thumb, middle and ring nails I decided to do ribbon wrapped presents!

On my ring nail, I used my striper brush and Barry M 'Spring Green' to paint a cross. I then went over this with W7 'Mojito' (lime shimmer) for a more glittery ribbon.
On my middle nail, I painted a more offset cross in Essie 'Snap Happy', before overlaying a thinner cross in Nubar 'Reclaim'.
On my thumb I added thick diagonal 'ribbons' in Nubar 'Reclaim', before adding thinner strips in Essie 'Snap Happy'. I also added a layer of W7 'Mojito' to the uppermost stripe for more sparkle!

These are so Christmassy and super super sparkly!! I rather love them a lot. A LOT!!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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