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In The Mountains

Hey There People!

Today I have some nail art inspired by a fantastic geometric print by Tabo Garcia. I really like Garcia's prints, especially the nature inspired ones! I added a blue sky to my interpretation and altered the composition slightly to fit better across my nails.

I started with a few coats of OPI 'Dining Al Frisco' which is a beautiful pearlescent sky blue. Although this nail polish has some duskiness to it, it's actually quite bright once it's on the nails! My camera freaked out at this combination so my photos are showing it quite a bit brighter than it actually is.

Using a thin striping brush, I started to paint in the 'mountains' which are basically just triangles! I decided to start with the grey toned mountains on my thumb, moving through to the browns on the middle nails and finishing with the green tree-covered mountains on my pinkie nail.

I used OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem' (blue-grey with silver shimmer) and China Glaze 'Pelican Gray' (pale grey with fine shimmer) for the grey mountains. For the brown ones, I used Barry M 'Cocoa' (rich dark brown) and Barry M 'Cappucino' (soft brown). I then used Rimmel 'Camouflage' (metallic evergreen), Barry M 'Spring Green' (emerald green) and Barry M 'Key Lime' (lime green) for the green tree covered mountains.

I also added snow capped tops to some of the darker grey mountains using a tiny detail brush and Essie 'Blanc'. I then touched up any mistakes and straightened any triangles that needed it. Finally, I added a nice shiny coat of Essie 'Good To Go'.

These came out quite a bit brighter and bolder than I intended but I still like them! I think a lighter blue for the sky would have looked better maybe. The whole manicure turned out to be relatively simple, the only problem I had was painting the triangles completely vertical. Some of them still look a bit tipsy!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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