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Unicorn Dreams

Hey Everyone!!

Today, I'd like to show you a franken glitter polish I made a while ago. It started off as just an experiment, to see what worked and what didn't but I rather liked the outcome!!

 In Shade

I started making this nail polish with a combination of Rimmel topcoat (can't remember which one) and La Femme 'Silver' glitter. I added mostly lilac, silver, holographic and some light blue micro glitter to this mixture. Then, I added a mix of silver hex glitter, lilac large round glitter, holographic bars, lilac and silver stars, diamonds, moons and square glitters! The shaped glitter is quite sparse so I might add a bit more at some point. Some of the colour leached from the lilac round glitters, giving the base a lovely purple tint. For some reason, this glitter reminded me of unicorns so I named it 'Unicorn Dreams'!!

 In Daylight

I chose a dark colour to layer this glitter over in order to show off the pale colours. I used Barry M 'Watermelon' which is probably one of my favourite nail polishes. I love jade green and this one is super shiny with a great formulae. I used 2 coats of 'Unicorn Dreams' on all my nails, followed by Essie 'Out The Door'. I think this type of glitter looks best in the shade, the shapes seem to really glow!

In Daylight
This is so delicate and sparkly! The random mix of glitter shapes means that you never know what's going to come out on each nail- makes things interesting :) It also looks equally good with only one light coat- even more delicate than two.
Thanks for reading!!
Kayleigh :)



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