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Boho Waves

Hello Lovely People!!

Sorry about the mahussive gap between posts, I was away visiting the land of no internet. So, alas I was unable to do any blog stuff :( But I'm back now and will have plenty of pretty nails to show you this week!!

I've just bought a great haul of nail art stripers and couldn't wait to try them out! I got them from Amazon, which is such a good place for nail art supplies. No, really!!

I didn't want the base colour to be too bright or dark as the stipers are pretty strongly coloured, so I used Orly 'Boho Bonnet'. I love the actual colour of this nail polish (duh, it's blue!!) but the formulae is so baaaaaaaaaad. It upsets me greatly.

Anywho, I then used my new Accurate nail art stripers in a frosty pink and a bright metallic blue (they don't have names) and a Sparkly Nails nail art striper in blue (again, no name) to paint random waves and curves on each nail. I then used NPW Nail Art pens in dark blue and dark purple from the 'Jewel' collection to add in a few more waves. It seemed to be missing something and as my life motto is 'When in doubt, add glitter', I did!! Specifically, I used the silver, pale pink and bright pink glitter Accurate nail art stripers over a few accent waves on each nail. Finally, I topped it all with Essie 'Out The Door' topcoat.

I am so very happy with these, I even managed to impress myself, haha!! The stripers and pens made this so unbelievably easy, I kicked myself for not trying them out sooner!

Thanks for reading everybody!

Kayleigh :)



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