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Burnished Gold

Good Evening People!!

A while back, I got some new nail art stripers :). I have a bit of a thing with stripers, every time I see a new set, I get an urge to buy them. I don't know why, I don't even use them that much!! Maybe it's the cute dinkyness?!

Anyway, I decided a bit of practice was in order if I'm to get more use out of them (rather than just sitting and staring at their cuteness for a while). I'd like to be able to paint better stripes for sure, mine are never straight enough for my liking!!

So here's the result, it's not at all perfect but it's only practice right??

I started off with a neutral base of Essie 'Sand Tropez', I adore gold paired with nude-so so pretty!! Then it was time to get to work with the stripers! The two stripers I used are both by Technic (I think they might have been bought off E-bay?). First, I used the gold (they don't have any names) to paint random thick and thin stripes on each nail. Originally, I was just going to stick with nude and gold, but it was missing something so I added a few stripes in the fuschia pink. I feel it was a good choice! The pink striper has a blue shimmer to it, it's really lovely!

At the time, I'd just gotten the Rimmel 'Pro Matte Top Coat', so of course I had to add that too! I'm SO glad I did! Metallics look ah-may-zing in matte!! Just gorgeous.

Considering this was one of my first times at using stripers, I'm pretty proud of them!! The lines are kinda straight. . . .

Thanks for reading, hope you've had a fantastical weekend/ bank holiday!!




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