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Auld Lang Syne

Hello Hello!!

Today, I have my manicure from New Year's Eve to show you! One thing that most people can agree on about this annual celebration is that it should involve GLITTER.....

I first painted all my nails with Barry M 'Watermelon' which is a lovely dark green. However, my camera decided it was actually a dark blue so I had to twinge the colours on Photoshop. :( Hence the weird colour of my skin....

I decided to create a majorly sparkly glitter gradient, starting with Maybelline Color Show 'Top Splatter' from the Acid Wash Effects collection. This white hex glitter is so easy to use and I was able to dab it on exactly where I wanted it. Yay!

Then I added on a layer of L.A. Girl 'Splash' which contains white and pearlescent mint hex glitters in a clear base. It's quite thick so I wiped off most of the excess and then collected the glitter from the inside of the neck.

For that final hit of sparkle, I used Orly 'Holy Holo' from the cuticles all the way to the tips. This is SO shiny; it's beautiful! Really brought that icy finish to the manicure. Finally, I used a coat of Essie 'Good To Go'.

I absolutely adore this manicure; the glitter combination is gorgeous and wintry! Which makes it doubly annoying that my camera didn't pick up the right colours and I couldn't show you it properly :(

Thanks for reading!!

Kayleigh :)



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