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Winter Games

A Good Evening To You All!!

This week I had to take an unplanned blog break as my body seems to pick up every cold within a 10 mile radius!! At least it meant that I got to watch an absolute tonne of the Sochi Winter Olympics :) The GB team did so well this year, I'm very proud to be British!!

Once I was feeling slightly human again, I felt the need to do some Team GB inspired nail art!! I started my manicure with Butter London 'Big Smoke' on all of my nails. Love love this nail polish.

On my pinkie and middle nails, I used a couple of coats of Barry M 'Jewel Britannia' which was released for the British Summer Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee! Unfortunately it's not available anymore as it was a Limited Edition but a lot if indie nail polishes are very similar :)

On my thumb and ring nails I decided to paint parts of the Union Jack. I started with Essie 'Blanc' and painted on the white lines with a striping brush. I then used Essie 'Snap Happy' to paint in the thinner red lines. It was so much easier doing it this way as opposed to the entre flag which would have been beyond fiddly!

On my pointer nail I did a simple representation of Team GB's kit (specifically their coats). I used Essie 'Snap Happy' and a striping brush to map out the pattern and then filled it in with the nail polish brush. As I knew that the sheer red wouldn't show up against such a dark blue, I used Essie 'Blanc' first. The red really POPs!!

I'm pretty pleased with this manicure especially as I was still feeling a bit meh in general!

Surprisingly my favourite is my pointer nail- there's just something about the simplicity of it that I'm in love with at the moment!!

Thanks for reading :)




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