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Tribal Confetti

A Good Evening To You All!!

The weather this week has been cold, wet and very windy-bleurgh! So today I've been in need of a colourful pick-me-up, not to mention a big cup of tea :) A bright manicure with fun tribal accents was the result;

For a while now I've been noticing a lot of nail artists pairing bright pink with black and white glitter. It's such a striking look, I couldn't resist having a go myself! I used Rimmel 'Strawberry Fizz' for my bright pink. Unfortunately the formula of this nail polish leaves a lot to be desired-it's streaky and much to thick.

I then used L'Oreal 'Confettis' which is by far the best black and white glitter topcoat that I've come across! It's got a slight silver shimmer to it which makes it a bit different from other black and white glitters.

I decided to add some tribal accents here and there to add interest but not so much as to obscure the pink/glitter combo. I used a combination of dotting tools, small detail brush and my striping brush to add dots, dashed lines, zig zags and other shapes. I used the following nail polishes; Rimmel 'Peppermint' (duckegg mint), 17 'Parma Violet' (lilac), Barry M 'Guava' (turquoise) and Barry M 'Peach Melba' (peach).

I really like how bright and fun this manicure is, it definitely makes me smile everytime I see my hands! I'm kinda disappointed that some of the colours kind of disappeared against the background though, especially 'Parma Violet'. But then that's my own fault for not choosing better colours :)
Thanks for reading :)
Note: Barry M 'Guava' was really difficult to photograph correctly as the colour tends to change slightly in different lights. Overall, it's slightly more green toned than it appears in my photos here.



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