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Our Bonfire Hearts

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

"People like us—we don’t
Need that much, just some-
One that starts,
Starts the spark in our bonfire hearts"

My Valentine inspired manicure is a bit different from your usual pink and red themed nail art! I've totally fallen in love with James Blunt's 'Bonfire Heart' and thought it would be the perfect imagery for today :) Especially as it means I don't have to go too girly!!

I painted three nails (pointer, ring and pinkie) in China Glaze 'Electrify' and two nails (thumb and middle) in Essie 'Sand Tropez'. To add in some warmer tones, I painted on OPI 'Glints Of Glinda' over 'Sand Tropez'.

Over 'Electrify', I painted some small hearts with Revlon 'Iconic' using a dotting tool and a thin brush. It's pretty easy doing it this way, I just dotted two dots next to each other before joining them up at the bottom in a point. Easy peasy!!

On my middle and thumb nails, I painted large hearts in Missguided 'Missmatch' with a small detail brush.
On the middle nail heart, I painted on rough 'flames' using Barry M 'Bright Red', Missguided 'Missmatch' (orange) and Revlon 'Zealous' (yellow).
On my thumb nail, I filled in the heart with Barry M 'Bright Red' and then dabbed on China Glaze 'Electrify'. Using some diluted Revlon 'Iconic' and a small detail brush, I added wisps of smoke just above the heart. I outlined both hearts with a gold metallic Technic nail art striper.

I finished off my lovey manicure with Essie 'No Chips Ahead'.
Ahh, this is SO very sparkly- I can't stop staring at my nails!!! I'm in love with my thumb- it's just too cute!!

Thanks for reading!!

Kayleigh :)



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