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Sangria Moments

Evening Everyone!

I loved painting my own version of an Erin Cooper abstract masterpiece so much that I decided to paint another one! This time I went for one with a Summery feel to it: 'Sangria'! I especially love this piece as it totally reminds me of a hot Summer night sat outside, drinking glasses of Sangria with friends, laughing and chatting. Such a lovely atmosphere to the whole painting :)

This painting is pretty detailed so I've done more of a representation rather than an exact copy! I started with Maybelline Brocades 'Rosy Rosettes' on my accent nails (pointer and pinkie). This is such an amazingly sparkly nail polish and it practically applies  itself! On the rest of my nails I used Revlon Parfumerie 'African Tea Rose', a bright hot pink.

I used a mighty load of polishes for this nail art so I'll break it down into sections! I started with the background which is mostly made up of pinkish colours applied in a painterly effect;

I blocked in the more reddish areas with Maybelline Brocades 'Rosy Rosettes' using the nail polish brush. Then, using my small detail brush I dabbed on the various colours going from dark to light.

For this I used the following nail polishes; Revlon Parfumerie 'African Tea Rose' mixed with Zoya 'Rory', Zoya 'Rory' on it's own, Essie 'A Splash Of Grenadine', Essie 'Blanc' mixed with Essie 'A Splash Of Grenadine'. These were all similar shades so I was able to get a blended effect without losing the paintbrush style of it.

For the more colourful details, I used my small detail brush and painted the polish on in dashes and lines. I used Essie 'Trophy Wife' (dark teal), Essie 'Blanc' mixed with 'Trophy Wife' (turquoise) and Rimmel 'Peppermint' (mint blue).

Finally, I used the same technique to paint on the accents in Barry M 'Peach Melba' mixed with 17 'Orange Soda' (pale orange), China Glaze 'Sun-Kissed' mixed with Essie 'Blanc' (lemon yellow) and Essie 'Splash Of Grenadine' mixed with Essie 'Blanc' (pink lilac). I also added a few touch ups here and there before finishing it off with Essie 'No Chips Ahead'.

Phew that was A LOT of nail polishes!! But it was well worth it because I LOVE this manicure, I never want to take it off. Ever.
I really enjoy doing this kind of abstract nail art as it's such fun to paint and the outcome is always great!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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