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Like A Diamond

Hey There!!

Much to my disappointment, as much as I loved my holiday abroad, my nails definitely did not!! Kinda my fault though as I just completely forgot to keep on top of my nail care... Woops! So please excuse the state of my nails :)

On top of all that, my photos came out quite weird and just a bit meh! Fantasticals.

Anyway, I based this nail art on this really striking painting on Pinterest. I changed up the colour palette a bit, replacing the darker colours with brighter, more tropical tones.

I started with OPI 'No Room For The Blues' on most of my nails except my accent nails. On these, I used 17 'Orange Soda', followed by W7 'Orange Dazzle'.

Over OPI 'No Room For The Blues', I created a marbled effect by mixing Essie 'Blanc' with Nail Polish Thinner and using a small flat brush to smoosh (very technical) it on until I achieved the desired effect. Then, using a small detail brush and 17 'Orange Soda', I painted in rough diamond like shapes.

I then started to add in shape and definition by painting in China Glaze 'Strike A Rose' (pink coral) and 17 'Orange Soda' (peachy orange) mixed with Essie 'Blanc'. I created the middles of each diamond shape using Barry M 'Key Lime' (dusky lime green) and Barry M 'Guava' (dark turquoise) mixed with Essie 'Blanc'.

Finally, I added a few details here and there, using dabs of Barry M 'Damson' (dusky cobalt blue), Zoya 'Rory' (shimmery pink) and teeny weeny dabs of Essie 'Blanc'. I topcoated it all off with Essie 'Good To Go'.

This whole post isn't exactly part of my best work (ha!) for various reasons, but I do rather like this manicure! It's bright and just something a different from what I'd usually do :)

Thanks for reading!!

Kayleigh :)



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