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Hello Hello!!

Tonight's manicure is based on a lovely floral print I found on Pinterest (I think it's by Emily Isabella?). It's not something I would usually go for as it has quite a bitty feel to it but there's just something about it that caught my eye! I decided to change it up a bit with a slightly different colour palette and composition (I didn't want the blue flowers to be quite so dominant).

I started with a base of Barry M 'Coconut', a lovely base for nail art which is a bit paler than OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff'. The formula is not the best, as it doesn't self level that well but a decent topcoat sorts that out! I just love the colour :)

With my detail brush and Champneys 'Mocha' (pink brown), I painted on some scribbles here and there on each nail. I then added to these with a few dabs of Revlon 'Blue Lagoon' (pale blue).

For the flowers, I used my detail brush to dab on loose petals in Essie 'Coat Azure' (blue) for the larger ones and Barry M 'Copper' for the smaller ones. This required a couple of coats as both of these nail polishes came out a tidbit sheer!

I then added a few details to the large blue flowers using Barry M 'Watermelon' (dark green) and my teeniest brush. The dot clusters were done with Essie 'Trophy Wife' (shimmery teal) and my smallest dotting tool. Finally I added a layer of Essie 'Good To Go' before topping it off with OPI 'Matte Top Coat'.

Weirdly these remind my of various flotsam washed up on pale beach sands.... I have a strange brain apparently. Moving on; I especially like this manicure matte, it just suits it so well!!

Thanks for reading!!

Kayleigh :)


  1. these are amazing you are so talented! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Aw, thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your lovely comment :)


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