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Sail Away With Me

A Good Evening To You All!!

As I've mentioned before, inspiration can be pretty wacky. Pretty much anything and everything can be used for inspiration. In tonight's case, my nail art is inspired by my toothbrush holder! I know, I get inspired by the weirdest things!

To start, I painted all my nails with Essie 'Blanc' and a layer of La Femme 'Fairy Dust' for some sparkle :) Using my trusty striping brush, I painted two wavy lines on each nail in Essie 'Coat Azure' and Rimmel 'Peppermint'. I swapped the colours around to make things a bit more interesting. Then it was time to do the cute sailing boats! I used my striping brush (I pretty much use this for all my nail art now-it's just so very versatile) and Barry M 'Blackberry' to paint basic boat shapes on the 'waves'. For a nice contrast, I painted a couple of boats in 17 'Orange Soda' on my accent nails. I finished it all off with OPI 'RapiDry' topcoat.

Surprisingly these came out looking quite a bit like the toothbrush holder- even the nail polish colours wear really close!! It feels like a nice way to say a fond farewell to Summer and now I am so ready to delve into all my autumnal colours!! WOOP!!

Thanks for reading;

Kayleigh :)



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