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The Scarlet Letter

Hey There People!!

I'm totally falling whole-heartedly into dark and moody autumnal colours, and loving it of course!! I've also very much gotten back into metallics, shimmers and glitters, they just seem to match this time of year so well!! So me being me, I've piled this all onto my nails in one go-HA!!!

I found this amazing polish in my stash, I have NO idea where it's come from but it's brand new!! It's Revlon Dark Pleasures 'Scarlet Letter' and I used it as my base colour. Isn't it completely and utterly gorgeous?!! In normal light it just looks like an average reddish brown but it transforms under bright light. It has this lovely red shimmer which just makes it GLOW!!!

Using my trusty striping brush and a whole bunch of nail polishes to paint random vertical lines from the free edge of each nail downwards. The polishes I used are; 17 'Fury' (gold), Zoya 'Zuza' (turquoise), Color Club 'Cherubic' (beige holo), Barry M 'Aqua Glitter' and finally an unnamed OPI polish (pale gold). I finished it all off with OPI 'RapiDry' topcoat. Boo Ya!

I'm really happy with these and they were so easy to do as well!! I'm definitely keeping this on the side for future reference when I need something simple but eye-catching! Exxxxcellent!

Thanks for reading :)




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