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Desmodus Rotundus

Hello Everyone!!

Here's another Halloween themed manicure for you but this time it's WAAAY better!! Yippy Doo Da!! A couple of years a go, I carved stylised bats into some pumpkins and it looked really cool. I just had to put it in my tips too!

I started with a couple of coats of Barry M 'Bright Red' on all my nails. Then I used La Femme 'Jupiter' on my pinkie and pointer nails. I used a few coats of this in order to get a bold glitter effect. While this was still wet I added a black gemstone to the base of my pinkie nail and two to my pointer nail. The gemstones are part of a mixed wheel of coloured gemstones from Amazon. They have a pretty good selection and are pretty cheap too!

On my ring nail, I used a Sparkly Nails striper in 'Black Glitter' to paint a gothic cross. Unfortunately due to the cold, the nail polish was all thick and claggy- yuck! In the end it did the job but I decided to use a different polish for the bats.

On the remainder nails (thumb and middle), I used Butter London 'Black Knight' and my striper brush to paint a stylised bat. the fine glitter in 'Black Knight' gave the image a nice thickness so it was slightly raised- an interesting effect!! I didn't want to add topcoat as that would get rid of the texture but I was worried about chipping so I added a thin coat of 'Jupiter' over all the nails. I'm so glad I did as it turned the whole thing into super glitterfest party nails!! LOVE it!

I'm SO damn pleased with these!! They came out just as I imagined!! After all, glitter is my middle name :)

Thanks for reading,

Kayleigh :)



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